Sunday, August 15, 2010


sorry for lack of updates, been super super busy lately :)
my life has never been more hectic, more fulfilled, but im loving every minute of it. been updating my blogshop too, go see go see!

so many things have been happening and ive got so much lined up to blog about!

joined and1 at times square last sunday with evelyn and mariko

huge poster on the main court

banyak humans 

the professor was there as well. he had some meet and greet session with all these people who were simply queuing up just to say hi but since i dont give nuts about him, all i have as a testimony that ive seen him in real life before is this pic :)

we lost in the first round ; oh well :)

eve and mariko watching a game

me? i boring go panjat dinding XD

mariko met up with some people after that, and me and eve SHOPPED the rest of the day.

gosh my arms wouldnt stop aching the next day from lugging my heavy bags of stuff around! spent quite a bit, but it was well worth it. :)

p.s. ohya and im damn worried cos i havent gotten my monthly friend for more than 60days now. eep what is happening to my body help im scared X(
p.p.s but one thing i know is im NOT PREGNANT kay cos well, i dont do shit like that.

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