Wednesday, August 4, 2010


college is...not really what i expected. the facilities are good, the lecturers seem competent, but im talking about the people in my course. i mean, im in masscom, and kinda expected masscom people to be well, confident, loud, fluent in conversation, etc?

but the people here, in my class at least, arent really what i expected. they're kinda erm..i wouldnt say that all of them are wallflowers but i certainly havent seen any in my intake that really bounce with enthusiasm.

i dont mean to sound like some snooty, stuck up, snob,  but really, i expected educated, bright people in college, it being tertiary level education and all that. (ok no use i still sound like some stuck up, self complacent person anyway) and ok i think im gonna stop here or else i might end up saying things i'll regret in the future.

so in order to draw attention away from all the eyebrow-raising things i just said above that might potentially offend anyone from my course reading this, therefore rendering me a social outcast for as long as im here, allow me to present to you a brilliant shining example of my intelligence.

just today, i was called upon to write on the board, and i spelt DEFINITION as DEFINATION. 
please la i wanna kill myself can? 
i've been told not to worry, its a common mistake, but please! for someone who acheived this

to make such a stupid mistake, its akin to lebron james shooting an airball =.=

lol now you bunch of people think im a crazy stuck up intellectualist who gets my hair in knots over a spelling error.

gimme a break seriously i felt damn stupid.
signing off before i say any more things that show the world my glorious wit.

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