Sunday, August 22, 2010


howdy :)

headed to 1u after college on wednesday to meet up with my lovely peeps from RBS :)

had to transit 3 times between buses to get there, fyooh. have experienced nightmarish neverending waits more than once, with me sometimes waiting for close to 2 hours and still no buses to be seen, so it was a good thing all the buses were punctual that day, with me waiting no more than 10mins between stops. :)

the initial plan was for me and sheng to go shopping together, but it expanded to include a few other people, which unfortunately bailed at the last minute, with only mingy turning up. 

went to forever21, cotton on, kitschen, and got a coupla things. they didnt have that killer red satin tube dress anymore at forever21 i was dying for though :(

saw the workers at stiqie making candy!! 

An Image Slideshow
it looked really interesting!

wanted to wait to see them 'stretch' the candy (i've you've read xiaxue's blog you'll know what im talking about), where they hook the not-yet-hardened candy over a hook in the wall, and pull it to 'stretch' it.

but mingy and sheng were hungry, so we headed to carl's juinior.

sheng's fries 
good gracious just the fries alone are like a meal in themselves already O.O

mingy with his burger of doom
im no dietician but even i can tell that consuming one of those would lead to an approximately 10% increase in bodily fats? haha :)

sat there and caught up for like more than 3hours, but it felt like hardly any time at all had passed. awesomeness. that was the prefect example of the phrase 'time crawls when its horrid, but flies when you're having fun'

mingy staring off into space

talked about everything and anything under the sun, spilling beans and dishing dirt. 

snippet of conversation from that day

ming : i miss RBS so much, i'd give anything to go back! i'd give..erm. i'd give... (looks around distractedly looking for options, and seemingly finding none) my left nipple to go back!
sheng and i : *uproarious laughter* but what if they want both?
ming : they can have both! 
sheng and i : *more uproarious laughter* :D

two of my closest people at RBS, with 3 of us in the same mission team, and soon they wont even be in the country any more, with sheng going back to tokyo after her summer break and mingy going to UK for his studies. :(

random shot of both my ATM cards :)

mingy and i, with me carrying my college folder. i had to lug that heavy thing all over 1u with me! annoying much

sheng :D

stepped into a bakery for a bit

sheng : cheryl are you taking a pict.. *snap*
mingy looks so stoned O.O

om nom nom :)

sheng dropped me back at the KJ lrt station after that for me to catch the bus home. planning to meet up again for dinner together, next week? :D

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