Saturday, July 17, 2010


yo sup sup people?

yes im aware that i have been missing for some time and OMG it feels good to be blogging again after so long! 

its just so soothing and relaxing to just come here, my own little corner in cyberspace and offload everything thats on my mind. plus the satisfaction of seeing what you write about, in black and white, is really rewarding. 

sooo anyway, last week after COPA IBA, my family hadnt planned what we were gonna have for dinner. at the last minute on the spur of the moment, we picked my cousin sophia up and headed to Yuen Steamboat for our fill. :)

yuen steamboat 
OMG nom nom nom

the food items on offer. seriously, yuen has gotta be one of the best ever value for money restaurants, where they dont skimp on variety or taste despite the very reasonable price of RM20 per head. 

did i mention that kids under 12 eat free? 
convenient if you have a large group of primary schoolers to please, or if you're midget sized haha

mum, sis, sophia.

dad. :)

blurry pic of steamboat ingredients swimming in the soup.

mum, bro, sophia.

sophia and i 
gosh my face damn round X(

sis and i 

we went there quite late, like at 10pm+? so there wasnt any long buffet line to beat. plus we didnt have to go through the mad scramble to get our hands on their infamous chicken wings!

there was just so much, the whole tray full of surplus chicken wings!
usually their chicken wings are gone within the minute they come out, and unless you stand there poised and ready, armed with tongs and ready to attack as soon as they're out, there's no way you'd be able to get your hands on even one.
so it was just so enjoyable to just leisurely pick them out without having everyone else to rush and grab at them.

omg so nais!
just going back for seconds whenever we felt like it at our own pace, not needing to shove and joust with other eager beaver diners wanting to have their share of chicken wings too. :)

major yums im drooling just looking at this pic :D

so to mark this very rare occasion, camwhore pics with the chicken wings! haha

my eyes look red @.@

started to photobomb people :)

my bro, photobombed haha

sis's turn

after eating, we sent sophia back to her apartment and stepped in for a while.

while in her room, i saw this!
she's a maxis scholarship receipient btw.

so my sis and i were oohing and aahing over it, and she went "aiyah that one so small, this one better!"

and proceeded to unfurl this huge banner of herself!
and she just keeps this awesome banner rolled up on top of her cupboard cos she's doesnt want people to see it GOSH if i had one i'd hang it up loud and proud on my front door to greet all who step into my house haha

ok thats all for now chao :)

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  1. yes indeed it is a nice place for steamboat especially their chicken wings..
    it is the most success steamboat i ever seen with if nt mistaken 3 floors of dining area