Tuesday, July 20, 2010


ok i am VERY VERY VERY SUPER ANGRY right now. so angry that for once, i am going to do a rare post (almost) without pics, just cos i HAVE to offload my pissed-offness (so angry until invented new word) pronto, or else explode.

spontaneous post about how much i hate mcdonalds!!!

well, maybe not ALL mcds. just the one at ss15. seriously the waiters there are always so slow, indifferent and totally incompetent.

like just now, i was the ONLY customer there, and even though there were like 5 staff behind the counter, they all pretended not to know that i was standing there, deliberately ignored me, and made me wait. like, while i was standing there, one of them saw me, acted like he didnt, and nudged his friend while trying to discreetly point in my direction. his friend turned, saw me, looked somewhere else, and pretended not to have seen me as well. GRRR infuriating not you tell me!!

ok and i know that its not neccessary to be highly intelligent or whatever to become a waiter at mcds, but these people are really testing the limits of how dumb you can be and still be a waiter at mcds. theyve always without fail, managed to screw up every single one of my orders. just a little while ago i ran down to get a meal of ayam goreng (low carb diet k) and i clearly stated to the lady behind the counter that i wanted chicken breasts.

she went 'yes miss, yes miss" and proceeded to plonk down two wings on my tray.

hello, chicken breasts! boobs! bosom! whatever! is it so hard to understand?? B-R-E-A-S-T-S. you have them too you total incompetent dense noob. is such a simple order so difficult to comprehend? 

i hate waiters who tell me "yes, yes, of course" and then just do the exact opposite of what i asked. it makes me feel like my request doesnt matter and im just another small shit to get out of the way to earn the 10bucks that my meal costs.

what the hell man, is it that they hate me, and therefore treat me as such cos they have a problem with me being a customer there? or are they just like that to everyone cos they are so incredulously indifferent they just dont care how pissed off people must feel about paying money for sucky service and food. enlighten me, someone!

and did i mention the quality of the food there? its pure bullcrap, thats what it is. the chicken is always DRENCHED in recycled oil from the fryer, is rubbery, stringy, and tiny, and doesnt have the 'oomph' that comes with properly marinated chicken ive eaten in other mcds. despite the bitter taste the food at ss15 mcds has left in my mouth, ive still gone back a few times, just to see if it was just a 'one-off' accident or a consistent procedure. well, my last (literally) visit has just answered me. im never, EVER going back to the mcds at ss15.


  1. HAHAHA! I guess the chickens ain't the best point of that outlet. I also know that over there got this chubby lady who just cannot smile one no matter what you do. Even if I say thank you and smile she'll act as if whatever only. I wonder what's up with that attitude =="

  2. hey yeah the chubby lady! she's the one who doesnt know what breasts are! super pissing-off man.

  3. didnt eat mcd long time edy =P