Sunday, July 25, 2010


me with the sweetest mostest adorablest thing in the world :)
im a little behind with this post, but better late than never.

so last sunday i joined Jog For Hope by Taylors College.

to be honest, the event was really kinda a letdown. i mean, they charged us RM20 and didnt even have enough shirts for some people. thankfully i got there to collect my shirt early, some people actually had to forgo theirs cos there just werent any left.

the registration booth.

met up with rachel and her friend soon after, and they had to get their shirts in a larger size than usual cos there werent any more S-sized shirts.

and ohemgee guess who i bumped into??

maxon tee jiaying my form3 classmate! :D
gosh i look like some japanese grandmother in the pic above haha. some people call it samurai hairstyle too. :)

the run was 6km, which would have been no problem if it had been on even terrain. but it  was uphill downhill, downhill uphill all the way!


finished it in around 40mins?

rachel hadnt reached yet, so i was sitting at the finish line waiting for her when i saw...

the girl i used to share snacks and chat with about shitloads of stuff during RBS! :D

it was nice that the building was so strongly airconditioned and well ventilated cos everyone cooled down really fast after the run. or else it wouldve been really hot and stinky X(

was damn crowded after the run, so we found solace at the end of a hallway

dont get me wrong, i loved running, and was really happy to see rachel and erin again.

but i was disappointed to cos the event didnt live up to what it was selling. kinda expected more, it being organised by taylors college. in return for my parting with my RM20, all i got was a shirt and a goody bag, which didnt even have THAT much stuff in it. and despite being one of the top 20 finishers, i didnt even get a certificate of honourable mention or whatever! the one i got was a with a fill in your own name in the blank.

i mean, in previous marathons i've joined, i've only just paid like rm5? to get like double the amount of stuff, plus a certificate with my name and finishing time printed on.

with erin and rachel! and erin's friend, amanda?

damn missed the shuttle bus to get back to taylors subang, and was feeling really frustrated, hopeless, and this close to tearing up. no other public transport, expect for a cab, which would like cost a total bomb. i mean, how the hell was i gonna get back to subang?

when this girl called hillary ang offered to help me out. rode in her grandfathers merc back to her huge house, where her family was so warm and accomodating. i kept apologizing for the inconvenience, but they said not to worry and that it was no trouble at all.

they dropped me off at subang parade, and kept enquiring if i would be ok waiting alone, where my family was at the moment, how i was gonna get home from subang parade, etc.
her mum even wanted to give me some money in case of anything!

me, some random girl who suddenly imposed herself on them and prolly screwed up all their plans for the day, whom they'd known for a space of maybe an hour? and it really touched me, so much that complete strangers could be so kind to someone they didnt even know the last name of. 

its occasions like these that prove to me, again and again, that there is still so much beauty, so much kindness beneath the ever-growing negative facade of society, and for that, i am so grateful to have been one on the receiving end of a random good turn from people i've never even met.

ok enough of grandmother story saliva dry already. 

signing off now. :)


  1. it's always nice to do something for charity =)

  2. hi request your permission to print screen your photo..oh done without your permission :P