Wednesday, July 21, 2010


hey people. 
in this post im gonna reveal something not many people know about me.

ever since i was a little girl, i've always wanted to get inked. in other words, get a tattoo. but until recently, i've never had the money to get one done, not to mention that tattoo parlours which are actually legit check your ic and all that jazz before taking the needle to your skin.

so since now that my childhood inclination to get one has actually become a lot more acheivable owing to the fact that i am now of age and have the moolah to get one done, ive been thinking a lot more about actually getting one.

hey dont get me wrong, i dont plan to get something like this

or this

this looks seriously emo-suicidal-depressed-need counselling.

what is this man, a tattoo of a tomato with a demonic looking worm emerging from it?


tats like those are really just too much. and they look so scary and in your face! i dont think i'd ever have the guts to go up to someone who looked like that and ask them if they knew when the next bus was coming in or whatever.

not tats that are animated or quirky, like this one.
believe me, i once saw a young girl with a bright orange lizard tattoo like the one above when i was at ac.

like, what the hell was she thinking? i mean, you might say 'hey i dont give a shit cos you're young only once, so im gonna seize the opportunity to be wild and crazy when i still can pull it off' but in reality, most people grow older and wiser, and some of them might wish that they had the good common sense to have picked a better tattoo.

and i would NEVER get a tattoo of my boy's name

cos thats just plain stupid. if break up how? get another guy with the same name ah?
(ok not like i have a boyfriend but just saying for argument's sake)

im thinking something pretty, delicate, and timeless. small too, cos i want it to be subtle and not overtly prominent.

gawd this is so pretty!! but itll prolly cost a bomb to get something like that done cos its so intricate. plus i heard that you shouldnt ever get a tat thats overly complicated, cos when you get old and start to sag itll just look like one huge blotch.

id prefer something in black and white, cos i heard that coloured tats fade after some time, and you have to go for touch ups, and coloured tats cost a lot more to touch up than black and white ones.

actually i have a particular design in my mind already. its actually a pattern on the waterheater in my bathroom haha. its wide in length but narrow in breadth, and its kinda just random swirls and waves.

but i think i'd prolly get a smaller version of it, cos i still think thats a bit big for my liking. and i'd put it just under the point where my hair stops and my neck starts, so that it would be visible only when my hair's tied up.

so when i was looking around at tattoos just now, i saw this

victoria beckham has a tattoo? how come it looks like tulisan jawi lol

so yeah im thinking of getting one done and have been asking around, but the cheapest ive heard is 200bux? thats still kinda a lot for me. would anyone know where to a good, LEGITIMATE place get inked at reasonable prices? 

im stressing LEGITIMATE cos i dont wanna end up like this

omgwth this looks mega painful and scary!!


  1. ouch.. i wont get a tattoo at all!
    afraid of the pain.. lol..
    all the best if you're doing it =)

  2. Some of those looks disgusting, make sure you get a good design. Once you ink it, there's no leaving it.