Friday, July 30, 2010


so last sunday it was baby aaron's birthday at my church!
complete with a strawberry icecream cake :)

of a last minute hurriedly made up plan, us girls decided to go to the curve just for the meatballs at ikea after that!

moi here was really looking forward to it in anticipation, i've never tried the meatballs there before! because yes i've been living under a rock for the last 17years. :)

the queue was mad long! seriously it took us like nearly an hour before we were able to place our orders.

daim's cake. looks good! didnt get it though

finally, we grabbed a table and were able to plonk our plates down and dig in!

but then...

"WAIT don't anyone start eating i gotta take pics first!" i yelled.
haha :D

seriously there was a mountain of fries O.O but i didnt touch them kay. being a good girl trying to stick to my carb free diet here. the meatballs were ok i guess, better than the average ones you get in msia. but still nothing beats the meatballs my aunt made in aussie!!

OMG friggin HUGE and JUICY
drooling just looking at this pic

we had chicken wings too!

denise, lesley, rachel, crystal and i sans weiwen the photographer
happy gluttons who eat

and eat

and eat.
nom nom nom. :D

we went to ikea after that to look at furniture cos we're boring like that haha

my friend once said " you know you're becoming a boring grownup when you start shopping for furniture"

peekchures peekchures

camwhoring in a bathroom wth haha

my attempt to get all of us in the picture in this tiny bathroom mirror ; fail

lesley's turn ; much better!

trash heads

if you look properly, denise, lesley and rachel are all wearing the same dress, isnt that cute? X)

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