Thursday, July 22, 2010


after delaying this post for so long, im finally blogging about my first time eating at chili's! lol orang kampung  much.

so last wednesday i went to empire to meet up with crystal and weiwen for dinner at the said venue.

oei and let me remind you guys this is on the SAME DAY as when i went out with ben and arief so its not like i wear the same dress all the time kay.

crystal and weiwen only get off from work at 6-ish, so i killed time exploring empire a little more while waiting for them.

there was this HUGE japanese food fair promo thingy with lots of cute food.

sho kewt!! pikachu and power rangers curry rice ftw! :D


and best of all, the FREE SAMPLES!!
*jumps for joy*

haha :D

OMG friggin whole container FILLED with hello panda and pocky, only my favourite japanese snacks in the whole entire universe. 


the japanese SO should come up with more awesome products like their strawberry/chocolate/milk filled mouthfuls of happiness, instead of bonsai plants, superjunior and wondergirls.

"nobody nobody but you" is so annoyingly repetitive and sung in such a high-pitched, breathy, little girly voice! gawd just shaddup.

and whats with superjuniors "sorry sorry sorry sorry"
it irks me that people around me who like that song sing only those four words cos they dont know how the rest of the song goes. 

so where was i. ah yes. food.

crystal and weiwen came soon after, and we proceeded to chili's for our eats!

cannot finish! not really worth the 11bucks we paid, cos we only refilled it once. i think the best situation to eat this is if you had a group of more than 5pax.

the waiters at chili's empire are another incompetent bunch!

we asked for more sauce and he kept on asking us what we wanted!
finally he gave up and just gave us this cheesy sauce.

i thought it was so nice of him, but turned out it cost 9bucks, and we were never even informed =.=

monterey chicken. rm29 and not worth it. surprisingly small for something of chili's standards.

buffalo wings. rm18. so-so lah. i still say not worth the price.

people tell me my blog should be a flog 'food blog' instead cos its always flooded of pics of the food i eat. :)

candid moment of crystal and i :)


walked around after that to work off some of that heavy meal.
seremban? kuantan? kelantan? johor? :)