Tuesday, July 27, 2010


was looking back at what i've done this year, and i stumbled across this picture from when i was in queensland. 
this pic was taken at the brisbane botanical gardens.
i miss lishan! and uncle jon and daniel and auntie suileng and rebecca and alex!!

and i miss their two adorable cuddly cats zeus and amigo! im hit by a sudden longing to go back to aussie. airasia promo where are you? 
haha :)

so anyway this is a random post full of nonsense. please leave now if you seek to be deeply enlightened, which in this case, you will be sorely led in the opposite direction by some random girl's overactive flightly imagination.

still there, are we? :)
so anyway, a random article that i read today said that girls actually look 23% better than what they actually estimate themselves to be!

aights, so i was hopping around looking at people's blogs, when i came across this girl's profile.

she's some chick who's had a drastic plastic job,and she's from china i think, cos the whole page was in mandarin, even the ads.

so yeah, i think she's not bad! actually kinda cute, with her original looks before going plastic! well not smoulderingly gorgeous, but certainly not bad enough to require going under the knife. 

after she underwent the surgery gawsh O.O

what some women are willing to suffer to be beautiful

swelling all gone down, bandages removed. when i saw this i was like gosh, you paid all your money to look like this? you've been seriously ripped off.

and then i saw the final outcome
like O.M.G.
seriously i dropped my jaw on the floor. thats her on the left btw.

goodness plastic surgery really transformed her, this is stunningly mad gorgeous!

all curious, i googled how much it would cost to get a whole face done with the works, nosejob, eyejob, etcetc. and it cost like more than RM30k for everything O.O

but yeah i see why people would want to pay more than triple the annual income of a worker in some third world country to get done by a good plastic surgeon, its cos they make you look mad smokin HAWT!!

might be a bit controversial to say this, but i wouldnt mind going plastic myself if it means looking as beautiful as that! and getting lipoed too! muahaha!


  1. ohhhh!!!!!!!! what a radical change!
    but you know as in all surgeries there are big risks and changes are not permanent, plastic surgery needs upkeep, and sometimes people have reaction over time, and like Dawn Yang the once gorgeous plastic face gives way to a face with unnatural bumps, and overall uglier appearance ( Madonna without photo shop for example, a scary scary face).

    I appreciate your article a lot, just that surgery should not be taken lightly its a face-changing decision literally!, if there is a mistake, or a reaction, the person will live with it. Even aging...the face will not age with the fake parts, which will look faker as time goes by.
    Sorry if this sounds somehow mean, is not meant to be. Just thinking aloud.
    ~meant well

  2. oh sorry for the late reply! nah no offence taken, im aware that there are plenty of risks involved in invasive surgeries such as liposuction and plastic surgery, but the flow of my post was a flighty and funny one so yeah.

    thanks a lot for the feedback! :)