Monday, June 21, 2010


random pic of abi and i from way back. obviously i look quite a bit different now. i'm taller. my hair is longer. im fatter. T.T
(but im working on getting back to the size i was!)

so anyway, this post is totally on a whim. 

see here, i like reading blogs. i like getting a glimpse of other people's lives, how they live things out. and i like looking a pics of different things that other people experience in their lives, be it friend's birthdays, outings, cos to me, things and pictures like those i mentioned just makes their story more 'real', more human.  

even the once-in-a-while camwhore pic.

ok this one i grabbed off the web totally fail case, but i hope you get what i mean.

i like seeing the voice behind the stories, and i know this might sound weird, but why the hell do people keep posting up random pics that they just grab off the internet?
(now dont go saying that i just contradicted myself above, cos the pic above was totally relevant in my case)

i mean pics like this one

and this

and this

the list goes on.

stop throwing all these random artsy fartsy pics at me, they dont belong to you, and dont you have pics of your own life to give?

i mean, yes, undoubtedly those ARE nice photos, but how about pics of your own life, which you are describing in such detail to the cyber community? pics which actually give us an insight beyond the words you are saying? i dont get why people just throw all those pieces of visuals at me, especially when they dont have a case in point to prove.

its not that im like totally against people using other's pictures, sometimes it's really nice when its to prove a point of relevance, but it just annoys me when countless pics like the one above just keep flashing past the screen, and i keep scrolling down, and thats all there is to see.

im sure that there are people out there who feel the same way?

ok but like i said, this was a random post. signing off now. :)

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