Friday, June 11, 2010


so i'm here blogging about mingy's surprise 18th!
lol it seems like just a while ago that we had ian's surprise 18th, and now it's mingy's turn.

headed to 1U in the afternoon first, cos i didnt know how to get to mingy's house and no one was free to fetch me there at that time of the night when the surprise was gonna be sprung, so alex helped out in picking me up later to go to mingy's place.

terrible terrible traffic on that day wth!!!

seriously i think it took like 2hours to get there SML. 
(i shall say SML - screw my life in place of the more widely used FML - f*** my life cos i dont like using vulgarities even in acronyms haha)

i left home at like 4.30pm, and i reached 1U at like what, 7.30ish? 

1U was freakin packed with humans that day! and it was damn hot! prolly cos everyone was inhaling up all the airconditioning wth.

walked around abit and windowshopped.
Forever21! :D
OHEMGEE love love love this dress!!
but didnt have the cash on me at that moment D:
beautiful showstopping (haha) red satin material and sweetheart neckline, with the belt included. and it fit me well! really snug and comfy.

to the management of Forever21 1U, can i sweep your floors for a month in exchange for this dress? please?
gosh its so gorgeous im so totally gonna come back and buy it when i get my first paycheck!

 just hope that they'll still have it there on the 30th of june in my sizes, S and M (can wear both, preferably M)
please please let it still be there. 
*crosses fingers and sends a silent prayer to The One Up There*

hit kitschen and cotton on too. was browsing comfortably when alex asked me to buy subway for him. since he said he'd be coming at like 9.30pm and it was only like 8.15pm, i figured i still had lotsa time and continued my mindless wander through the retail jungle.

and at 8.40pm he texted to say he was gonna be there really soon! gosh i was still in cotton on trying on clothes wth. rushed to pay for my purchases, and seriously all the slothiest, most apathetic people in msia seemed to have conspired to slow me down on that day by hogging up the cash register wth.

rushed around looking for subway and finally found it like 10mins later lol (im not familiar with 1U), then ran around some more like some crazed person looking for TGIF, where i was supposed to meet him. was all hot and bothered by the time i finally found it SML.

got to mingy's and only yt was there at the moment. others started trickling in too, and soon rachel, joy, timmy, ian, jo-yi, and engaun joined us.


minghan : he's here! hide guys, hide!

all of us split into a few groups, and alex, jo-yi and i scrambled up the staircase.

waiting to jump mingy haha.

i wanted to casually walk down and say something like "you really need to stock up on organic shampoo" but alex ruined it all by yelling SURPRISE! 

all of us headed to centrepoint's McD after that.

alex, yt, mingy birthday boy, jo-yi, rachelt, engaun.

engaun, ian, timmy, angie, joy.
ian looks like he's working on a particularly tough piece of chicken lol.

fooling around at the playground after :)

round and round the merry go round :)

everyone looks so happy happy and spontaneous. :D

tim stoning on the slide.
random unsettling thought ; what if suddenly a pale face with long hair came down the slide?
scare the nuts outta me man!

ian, engaun, alex.
hmph all mm choi me duwan look at the camera.

group pic!
sans me cos i think i look damn fat in the one that has me included. :D

tim and i in the car on the way home :)
tim's like the most surprising person i've ever met, and he really brings depth to the saying 'dont judge a book by its cover'

the first time i saw him, i thought he'd be emo and broody, but he's really funny and sarcastic and random! :D

happy birthday mingy! sorry i couldnt get a better pic of you :D 
have a great one :)

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