Tuesday, June 29, 2010


hi peeps!

ancient pic from 2years ago haha

gosh there's so many things i wanna do but i dont have the time!! btw, have you noticed that there's been a whole lotta awesome movies coming out this year? seriously! toystory3, alice in wonderland, valentine's day, shrek4, etc etc

and wth i havent even watched toy story3 yet! but that's cos chaichi wants to watch it too so im strictly reserving it to be seen with my bestie!

as of now i really wanna watch this

haha looks super funny! but everyone has either watched it, is busy with college, or doesnt have any interest in seeing it :( 

hmm so what else is new with me? previously, i was working at sense taipan, but im gonna be alternating between absolute sense ss15, above bakers cottage, every tuesday and friday.

yay to being able to have a firsthand view and picks of new stocks. yay to working with other staff my age. yay to being near most of my friends studying in ss15. :D

going to A Cut Above academy at pyramid tommorrow! i know i said i'd grow my hair long, so im gonna ask the guy to just gimme a 1cm trim. btw, waiting for my hair to grow long is taking forever! i used to have short hair when i was in school for practical reasons. short hair is easy to maintain, cooling, and fuss-free. thumbs down to not being able to do fun things like braids and stuff with short hair though. but now since im far FAR away from usj12 and its nonsensically stringent rules about hair, i wanna grow my hair long! 

like this! :D

so nice!

haha ok so maybe im exaggerating a slight bit :) but there's so many fun things you can do when you have long hair!

so hurry up and grow, hair! :)


  1. i think it really takes time.. lol.. but for guys.. 1 month also can feel long edy =P

  2. woot! she's out of my league is SUPERB. should watch it really :)

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