Wednesday, June 16, 2010


bangsar pasar malam with my family last sunday!

havent been there since i was a little kid attending bangsar gospel centre and its been relocated to the front of the bangsar commercial area, right in front of bangsar village.

hmm there wasnt really that much in terms of retail therapy, the only outstanding stalls there were the FOOD stalls.

pardon me for turning this into another boring food phlog but frankly, that was kinda all there was. :)

yong tau foo!

otak otak

xiao long bao!
they look so cute. for some reason, i always imagine them as little cherubic faces of babies. yeah you got that right, angelic small faces with bulging pink cheeks.
man am i queer.

another adored delicacy of mine. sadly they were quite miserly with the amount of corn and coconut shavings, my fave ingredients. 

in the process of being formed

end result.

roast duck OMG 
*mouth watering*

I <3 watermelons :)

loads of colourful produce

i dont know what the name of this dish is, but its carrot cake cooked a la char kuey teow style. didnt really warm to it that much cos in the first place i dont really even like char kuey teow.
 but my sis pronounced it DEELISH and proceeded to down mouthfuls of it.

looking at the fakes on sale. :)

caught on camera looking all worn out and frumpy. X(

clipped up my fringe and tied my hair back cos it was swelteringly humid, and ended up looking like some retarded sesat samurai lol. 
my bro is trying to project a bored/ cool/ indifferent expression? hmm go figure.

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