Monday, June 7, 2010


here's my final post of being in kuantan!
a note in advance, this post is flooded of pictures of FOOD. :D

so we were supposed to wake up at 3.30am to go climb Bukit Panorama to go catch the sunrise. but joy's phone rang at 1.30am, which woke me up. couldnt go back to sleep after that, and stayed awake till 3.30am, which means i only had like 3hours of sleep wth

made the hour long drive to pekan sungai lembing
sign which told us where to head for bukit panorama

we parked the car and were faced with the task of climbing these never ending flight of stairs
looks intriguing, no? steps leading up to utter darkness. O.O

trudged up for some time in silence, and suddenly joy yelled and cowered behind me. 
because of this! she hates insects and almost didnt see it in the darkness.
me : ooh i wanna take a pic! *leans in closer for a clearer shot*
joy : eeyer you can go so near some more!


joy and i :)
all shiny and sweaty X(

more stairs!
that speck of light down there is joy's dad, together with her aunt.

sign telling is to keep bukit panorama clean.


wth my face so shiny X(

got to the top after what seemed like a lifetime of climbing up stairs.
there were quite a number of other people there too. didnt expect there to be anyone else, but there were a group of college kids and some aunties too.

while everyone was prancing uphill in their nikes and new balances, joy and i got up on our crocs / pasar malam rm3 slippers. XD

finally, the moment we'd all been waiting for, sunrise!
which was a huge letdown XD
darned clouds!

people enthusiastically snapping.

the hills covered in a blanket of mist.

we could see the whole town of sungai lembing.

shots of us up at the top of the hill!

presently, we decided to go down to the town and have something to eat 

pics on the way down.

we had to climb all the way up, then down again, that endless stairway!

wth stupid mcdonalds cup tainting nature's surroundings. X(

thats the school of pekan sungai lembing behind us.

we went to this morning food court thingy, with lots of hawker stalls. it was so cool cos there was this pasar pagi right next to it, so everything was super fresh.

omg so many varieties of yong tau foo! yay!
and it was damn cheap too where they charged me per piece, and one piece was only rm0.30-rm0.60

look at this!
OHEMGEE i took like freakin alot and it cost me only rm3.70 wth!

all the morsels were so yummy and bursting with freshness WTH im drooling just typing this.
best rm3.70 spent in my entire life haha

a  few pics of pekan sungai lembing.

this is like the heart of the town, where most of the shops are.

the town was so mysteriously enchanting, mostly untouched by development, with quaint colonial shops and one or two new buildings like the one above. 

the river!
with a cool suspension bridge! i've always wanted to walk across a suspension bridge just for the sake of it :)

where things go bump in the night.

got back at 8.30am, and slept till it was time to leave. packed up, said bye to joy's aunt, and headed for lunch before hitting the road.

my chap fan!
i think it only cost rm4.50. ahh, the advantages of dining outside the city. :D

joy's prawn noodles.

3hours later, we stopped by bentong to meet joy's dad's colleague, and we had eats while waiting too! totally regret eating that chap fan X(

went to some famous dessert house for the nyoms.

their menu!

my snow ice. seriously damn huge mountain lor yay!

chicken chop. cheap!
well quite cheap as compared to kl pricing.

joy's lamb chop.
she said it had too many bones and fats, but not enough meat though.

her strawberry melon snow ice. all those ball ball thingies at the side are so cute!

joy's dad came a little later after meeting his colleague, and he ordered this.

wth? i didnt know there was ABC or else i'd have ordered it! im a diehard fan of it!
*kicking myself*

huge mountain of ABC. looks good!

a shot of joy standing in front of the shop. the exterior doesnt shout out much, but if you ever go inside, you're in for a pleasant surprise! :)

old shophouses.

reached joy's apartment in ampang around 7, and had yong tau foo while waiting.

people always tell me ampang yong tau foo is so famous cos its super nice, but i just found it ok. 
nice and above average, but not crazy yums, which was what i'd kinda expected given the brouhaha people make out of it.

night time view from the window of joy's apartment.

her super cute hamster, A1. i asked her, why A1? and she told me that she'd had another hamster called 11.
you're prolly reading this with a blank look, which was what i gave her when she shared this piece of information with me.

she then told me that put together, her hamsters names made out the results she'd been hoping to get for SPM. sadly, she didnt get 11 A1s, cos A1 doesnt exist in our grading system anymore.

well maybe she should have called it Aplus instead of A1 haha.

you can see the kl tower and the twin towers from her apartment!

close up of the twin towers :)

overall,  i had a lovely time! the food, sightseeing, etc, and on top of that, getting to know joy better! thanks so much for the wonderful time i had with you, joy!

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