Tuesday, June 1, 2010


day 2 of being in kuantan!

we woke up at 6am to go watch sunrise on the beach.
as you can see, it didnt exactly work cos of all the clouds blocking our view wth

but the sky did turn a pretty shade of pink. :)

joy and i 

we went to eat curry mee after watching the 'sunrise'
shiut cha, which i never fail to order in chinese restaurants.

curry mee!
it was quite good, but i'd still say that the curry mee i ate during my mission trip in the small town of temerloh was nicer.

the imprint of my curry-oil stained lips on the tissue XD
i really have this thing, whenever im eating, about wiping my mouth before i sip my drink. because if i dont, something about seeing globules of oil floating all over the top of the liquid really unnerves me.

got home and zonked out on the bed till it was time for lunch, for which we all went out again.

went to this famous banana leaf restaurant near the house this time.
i think that the papodam in the pic below at the furthest right hand side of the pic looks like a pillow.
 freaking yummy!
perks were we could have unlimited portions of veggies at no extra charge, btw. :D yay!
the fish was really bursting with freshness and its flesh was so springy and soft!

but not cheap leh. RM50+ for the 4 of us O.O

i asked shuying what there was to do at kuantan, and she told me that i definitely had to try air putih cendol! 

so joy's aunt took us to Air Putih to have a taste of the cendol there after that. 

a shot of joy standing in front of the coffeeshop. 

a pic showing the MP/bigshot of the area visiting the same shop. they were actually running it for the past 28years under a tree O.O

newspaper cutouts from the past depicting reviews of the shop. theyve been in business for 32 years wth! which is nothing compared to the likes of McD and such, but considering it's just a shop dedicated to serving nothing else but ABC and cendol, that's a mean feat!

wahh so cheap!!

after 5 minutes of waiting i present to you..the famous air putih cendol!
ok lah to be honest, it was nice, but not knock your socks off awesome, which was kinda what i was expecting, given the hype i was fed about it.


me and the makcik from the shop.

after that,joy's aunt took us to see the church there.
its really nice! and huge!

pews in the church.

we wanted to go to the mall, so joy's aunt dropped us off there.
eww smashed cockroach. you can see its friggin guts next to it. X(

went to padini again, and saw this! :D
can you guess what it is?
it's a little piggy earring! haha! :D

went for dinner at the food court.

joy's duck noodles.
only RM5.50, not bad considering the generous portion.

watch that i bought from Vincci. super cheap cos it was on a major discount.

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