Thursday, June 24, 2010


holy crap.

i wanna look like that.
please, pretty please? wth sml seriously. i've put on so much weight since RBS and i really wanna look the way i did before.

i'm damn fat now compared to the above pic! :(

screw crispy charsiew, slightly burnt and drizzled with honey. screw timtams, yummy fudge sandwiched between two chocolatey wafers. screw frosty vanilla McD sundaes. screw fresh toast, spread with fresh soft butter and gooey kaya. screw freezing sweet ABC tambah susu tambah jagung. screw hot toasty A&W waffles, topped with scoops of icecream and drizzled with strawberry sauce.

screw fragrant rotiboys, crispy on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside. screw sweet and sour pork, with thick viscous golden brown sauce. screw roti bom, with buttery goo oozing out as its devoured. screw famous amos chocolate chip cookies, crumbly and warm with delicious chunks of chocolate chips. screw spaghetti, with huge meatballs, filled with mounds of cheese, beef, and bolognese sauce. screw seafood and potato salad, with huge shrimp and creamy potato slices topped with mayonnaise. 

screw venti toffee nut frappucinos, yummy iceblended creamy sugary sweetness in a starbucks plastic cup. screw warm roti canai, served with rich kari ikan and washed down with a milo ais. screw auntie anne's pretzels. screw huge fluffy cinnabons, with sweet raisins embedded within its swirls. screw piping hot apple pie, crumbly and flaky, with chunks of apple cooked with cinnamon. screw chocolate indulgence, with thick layers of fresh chocolate and vanilla cream. 

screw chocolate brownies, with rich chocolate topping. screw cheesecake, with its solid biscuity base and creamy pat of cheese. screw oreos, with sugary vanilla icing in caked between the pieces. screw pork noodles, with minced pork and slurplicious noodles. screw milo with condensed milk. screw fish and chips, chunks of fillet dipped in batter and deep fried into golden brown submission.

screw steaks, slabs of red beef grilled over a burning hotplate and served piping hot with fresh vegetables and chips, with a tub of mushroom sauce. screw italian BMTs, with thick slices of beef, salami and ham and fresh lettuce, slices of tomatoes and olives trapped between the crusts. screw hot yau char kuai. screw popcorn popped in sinful golden butter and rolled in caramel. screw cadbury bars with yummy hazelnuts hidden beneath that dark brown exterior. 


time for a serious diet. all this excess weight has gotta go, pronto. 
i have to look like this again. HAVE TO!

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