Sunday, June 27, 2010


the defintion of cute is staying with my family for a few days, cos her parents have gone abroad. 
happy! :D

she followed us to church in the morning.

us playing with some funny stocking thingy that i later tied into a headband, cos she looked messy with hair falling in front of her face all the time. :)

subang parade after that

isnt her 'headband' nice? you'd never tell its acutally a stocking.

coincidentally, ilovebazaar was going on today as well!

this bazaar has been held the first and last weekend of every month from february, and due to overwhelming response, has been continued up till now.

the persons manning the stalls are mostly budding entrepreneurs or groups of friends with a love for fashion and a nose for business, with many of them running blogshops as well.

finally! i'd been looking forward to to catch ilovebazaar from quite a while ago cos of the good reviews it had, but hadnt got the opportunity. so how was the bazaar? well, to say it did not disappoint would be an understatement! :D

there were tonnes of pretties just begging to be owned by every fashionista in town, from maxi dresses to high waisted shorts, from military jackets to chanel inspired bags, ilovebazaar has them all!

pics of the stuff available!

the studded belts on the right are fab! and going for only rm15 per piece OMG 

quite a spread, as you can see. :)

shoes shoes shoes.
most stalls have 'bargain sections' too, where stuff was being sold for mostly rm5-rm15. madness! i found a pair of glossy crocskin stilettos for rm15! didnt buy them though, cos i dont particularly think need a pair.

you have to hurry though! most stuff on the bargain sections are usually snapped up right away by smart and savvy female shoppers on the prowl for good bargains!

pretty floral dress. feminine, yet with big bold gold buttons that add a touch of defiance and make a statement! going for only rm30++ !!

violet blue bodycon dress!
bodycon is so hot right now, so rock with it in this piece that could totally be mistaken for being whisked right off the shelves of topshop! 
going for rm30++ as well wth max

with lovely traditional wear to offer as well, ilovebazaar shows that they arent only dont solely contain fun, trendy pieces. pick up a cheongsam at a incredibly low price of rm55 per piece!

quilted bags are soooo in right now, and despite thinking too that they ARE really nice, i have been stubbornly refusing to jump on the bandwagon for the longest time, just cos i dont like to be carrying the same thing on every other girls' arm. but ok i really cannot resist anymore!
i like the caramel brown colour of the one on the left! but the design of the red one on the right is nicer! decisions decisions! both going for less than rm45! i begged the nice kakak manning this booth to bring in stocks of the design of the bag in red, but in the caramel brown shade that i like and she informed me that stock was likely to arrive next week, yay!

shop for these bags at
(on a hindsight, wah i post the link up here, later everyone go buy then i cannot get the bag i want adi!! but nevermindlah since im a nice person :D )

unconventional earrings and chunky bangles
i really like those dreamcatcher earring on the bottom! yours at rm6.

military jackets, floral high waist dresses, nautical inspired dresses

okok the highlight of my visit to ilovebazaar!

browsing through the many many stalls, i came upon this one stall selling handmade trinkets and baubles!
must CLICK! 

look at the cool funky designs they have to offer! although theyre only rm15, the owls look totally forever21-esque, at a fraction of the price!
i couldve sworn i saw those super cute owl necklaces at forever21 going for rm39++ !

kill two birds with one stone with these one of a kind motorbike and elephant pendants! they dont just give a touch of quirkiness to your look, they also conveniently tell the time! 

OMG preeeettyyyy!! :D
these delicate, wafer thin earrings come in many designs as well! and only rm10 for 3pairs! so feminine and elegant and gorgeous! more than worth it!

add this unique piece to your collection of baubles! theyre actually seastones, crystalised and beautifully cast in a silver inlay and fastened around your neck with a delicate chain. now, how many girls can say that they own a seastone pendant? be one of the first to choose yours from a myriad of colours for only rm10! they have a bigger version as well, but its going for rm20.

chunky costume jewellery rings for rm10 per piece

i want! the only problem i had was choosing just one, when they were all so gorgeously appealing!

the classic diamond, a trendy chunky one with middle eastern inspired patterning, or a unique amethyst?

after pondering upon it for a while (like 10mins swt) i came to this conclusion.

diamond : pretty, but too common. plus i think it looks too engagement ring-ish, dont want people to ask me "so, who's the lucky guy?" errr...
amethyst : i dont think that the violet hue of the amethyst can really be seen unless you look at it closely. at a glance, it'll just look like a dark stone.

so that decided it, the chunky ring wins out!

what i bought :)


the husband and wife team from this booth were totally nice and friendly to me too! 
view their wide selection at !

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