Thursday, June 17, 2010


am going to start a blogshop.

yeah, thats right. have been toying with the idea for quite some time already, and just a while ago i was running late to go to kl and still being hung up on choosing which bag to take. and i thought, screw it already! i have so many bags, shoes and clothes that have only seen the light of day a few times, and are now sitting in my closet begging to be let out.

and as they say, one man's poison is another man's meat, so i guess there'll still be people out there who will make use of and appreciate my preloveds more than i have. i sure hope so!

do follow me for the opening of my blogshop!

p.s. there are heaps of pretty new templates now available on blogger! and i wanna use them! but im a fan of HUGE pics and most of them only allow me to post up small / medium sized ones. how? :

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