Sunday, June 20, 2010


title pretty much sums it up. been going out a lot lately, KL, usual hangout spots, the likes.
life has been a lot more hectic, happening and fast paced, and sometimes i do get tired from running around, but you know what?

i wouldn't miss a moment of it for anything.

pics from pyramid, empire shopping gallery, kl, parade. they're actually from quite a few days ago, but im sucha lazy blogger.


went to empire shopping gallery a week ago.
pics from the loaf, supposedly dr mahathir's advancement into the F&B line?

the cafe was seriously packed with people.

why ah? the bread was so friggin expensive! well it prolly IS very yummy, but i wouldn't spend rm7 on a swiss roll / cheese stick / muffin. or rm13 on a loaf of bread, however high in fibre/oats it migh be. and anyway whats so good about oats? other than a staple in the diet of horses?

ah well im not exactly rolling in dough anyway so maybe my ideas of them arent such a good way to measure what remotely well off people would deem as value for money.

looks good blardyhell, but its so small! and expensive! :)

not much was open yet though, mostly restaurants. and there was this jap snacks promotional fair, where there were tonnes of free samples. i sapu-ed all the hello pandas XD.

to sum it up, i think empire is kinda a mini klcc / pavillion, a place for the more affluent upper class people with fat wallets to hang out cos a lot of the stuff there is really pricey! but on a positive note, there are some outlets of wide acclaim that have finally come to subang! namely chili's and suchan cakes, to name a few.

next in line, times square with my sis.

decided on a whim to go there, public transport all the way. wth the way im travelling this year, they should give me the frequent user award.

on the monorail and look at the big fat zit on my sis's forehead  i super love travelling! well people say its mentally and physically draining, but i beg to differ.

i think its fab, and i never cease to be taken in by the diversity of my surroundings. i love going places and doing things that i wouldnt ordinarily do.
plus i love observing people, and public transport gives me exactly that opportunity.

whats that again? uno stacko? 
cant remember.

loaves of bread in which soup is served in from espressoup.

times square really sucked for me. i mean, i just felt that it was so low class and with no standards at all, the atmosphere, feel, etc, ugh! not to mention it was crawling with lalas and rempits, wth. and it was filled wall to wall with totally crappy boutiques all selling identical ugly, cheap, lala clothes X(

well there were SOME gems of a bargain to still be had, (dresses for rm15! jeans and chanel inspired bags for rm30!) but one had to really take their time digging through the trash. there was kitschen and nichii there, but tucked away into a quiet, relatively deserted corner.

black lacey dress from nichii

animal print dress.

lots more going on at the moment but cos im not a diehard gungho blogger who is in needs to let the whole world in on the details of even the most minute changes of my life, i guess it'll have to wait till next time.

toodles! ;)

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