Wednesday, June 30, 2010


ahh, facebook. a new social networking site that exploded across cyberspace like what, 4years ago? well as we know it all but demolished friendster and as of today practically everyone has been sucked into its huge vortex. while im a huge fan of facebook and all its perks (yay to being able to stalk my future boyfriend online! haha!) sometimes, certain things on it do irk me. big time.

like, whats with random people i know nothing about simply adding me? huh? too free or no life is it?

when the 'friend request' thingy pops up, the only times i usually accept people i dont know is if they have any number of mutual friends as me. otherwise, ill go check out their account before deciding. if it looks fine, then i'll accept.

another reason i only usually accept people who have mutual friends with me is otherwise, they could be any tom, dick and harry, and i wouldnt be any wiser. the picture of that hot guy on his display pic could be fake, and in real life he'd be this fat old dude with a beer belly / rapist looking for potential gullible girls (of which i am NOT so you're wasting your time) / loser wanking at pics of random girls online cos no girl in their right mind would lay into him in real life.
lovely selection, ain't it? ;D

and i really have a problem with people who use pics of robert pattinson or whoever as their display pic.

while i guess that there are SOME girls who go gaga over freaky guys who glitter/ dance through the forest/ like running around in slow motion half naked/ wrestle with werewolves/ are all moody and broody, and are attracted to them as moths to a flame, i am not one of them. in fact, i'd stay far far away from a guy if he was like that. its just weird!

are you so lacking in the department of looks that you have to use someone else's pic as your own cos you're afraid that using your actual pic will make people think you're freaky and not want to accept you?
the irony of the situation.

and i notice that sometimes, the only pics some people have in their account are pics like this, but no pics of themselves whatsoever.

 whats with it? to me, it just comes off as really weird.

for all you know, the guy with the six pack/ chiseled nose/ alluring brown eyes whos sending you flirty messages could be this.

'sup yo. whats rolling.

a+b = c
have you heard the joke about pythagoras?

innadei innaporingei! papodam is the way to go! chapati for you is goot.


also, i find that its really very suspicious when there are people who add me, who have NO pics of themselves and have NO mutual friends with me. thats like just weird. you mean outta the blue, from the millions and millions of users out there, decided to add me just on a whim? just a suggestion : stop being so lifeless pathetically sitting there in front of your 20" screen clicking 'add as friend' on random people you dont know, and go out there and make some real friends.

and i dont like it when people i dont know just randomly come up and say me all sorts of personal things like "are you single?" "you're beautiful" "hi i want to get to know you better, can i have your number" "do you know where to buy nipple tape" etc etc. just stop! its annoying! ask me where to buy nipple tape for what? go find out yourself!


  1. I sooo agree with you. what's with adding up ppl but have no pic? and HELLO!! It's not like you're gonna look like the artist if you put their picture there! Get real. I mean, ok, maybe u just like the person, so at least have the common decency to include at least ONE picture of the real you. Seriously, they're such losers

  2. facebook can be pathetic at times =)