Friday, June 11, 2010


kinda lazy to blog right now so i shall let the pics do the talking. 

attended the nuffnang break free with digi party a while ago as one of the invited bloggers.

went to the curve before that to chill cos the party venue was nearby.
sis and i in the lift. each blogger got to bring along one guest.

dont ask me why carpark lol.

the party was held at ecoba, PJ trade center.

bar area.

one of the showgirls and i.
her name's vivien and she's damn cute!

actually this was a costume party, with the theme prisoners and villians.
i thought ahh screw the theme lah, im sure not everyone will be dressed accordingly anyway.

well not EVERYONE was, but most of them were!
and i stuck out like a sore thumb in my pink dress lol

another blogger. guess what she's dressed as?
sylvester the cat!

the super hot emcee julie and i

finger food.

the founder of nuffnang, timothy tiah, and i

they were giving out prizes for the best dressed bloggers.

these two were one of the finalists. they were cuffed together with leg irons.
how ah if one of them need to go toilet? :D

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