Monday, June 14, 2010


i needa update more often!

this pic was taken like 8months ago?
dayum i was a lot skinnier then. you can see the bones in my shoulder if you look properly but wth theyre all covered up by layers of fats now. O.O no not my collarbone duh everyone's collarbone is visible. i mean my shoulderbone, bulging out slightly.

well not skinny enough for kate moss to get all worked up over being outta a job XD

 but at least skinnier than what i am now! D:

taken 4weeks ago?
(no idea why my face looks so red there)
fat! :(

all thanks to RBS
where i spent 6weeks of eating friggin awesome food. let me tell you, i ate so much better there than i usually eat back here.
seriously the food there was to die for! like, way better than kl, and the pricing, woah! sorry kay-elle, you loose hands down. 

allow me to explain.
chicken chop bigger than the size of your face for rm10 no kidding!!

super famous pancakes that are featured in!
ok i was bullshitting about it being featured in msiatravelguide..but i think theyre featured in similar websites. thestar sunday metro featured them too!

birthdays = cakes.
and we had like 5birthdays up there O.O


gila babi how do not gain weight like that seriously :'(

 take a walk with me down the road of my journey of fatness. :P

first day of RBS.
normal sized, a lot smaller than what i am now.

2weeks into it.
not noticeable, masih boleh tahan.

5weeks into it.

nuff said.

hey but dont get me wrong!
if i ever had to answer a question along the lines of "most important part of your life"
i would say, RBS

it definitely was a pivotal point of my life for me, one that clearly made me think and bring more clearly into definition what i want in life.

an experience beyond words, something that i'll cherish (haha) and remember as long as i live. it made me see and appreciate the simple things in life once more, that were always in front of me but were clouded from my vision by the hectic pace and demands of the city life.

the delight of seeing fog from our breath on those particularly cold mornings. singing along with timmy, mingy, etc working the guitars every day after dinner. the stillness and silence at night.

 interaction with real people (cos hey, now we all talk to a piece of metal and communicate with a 20" screen). the peace of the highlands. the simplicity of life in a small town.

to amazing people i know as of today, i cringe to think i couldve missed out on experiencing your awesomeness if not for RBS haha.

and most importantly, it really renewed and made me a lot more conscious of my relationship with Christ.

lots more but i dont wanna confound you with the depth i could get into :D


a delightful taste can fade from your lips, but never from your memory.

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