Sunday, June 27, 2010


you guys are just gonna hafta put up with random bits and pieces from my recent doings. :)

paparich a few days ago, a family friend wanted to treat us to dinner before flying off to africa. 
(first thing i thought when i knew he was flying to africa was : world cup...)

sis and i
sorry pic very dark and very ugly cos bro doesnt know how to take nice pics X(

the food

i remember when i used to go to paparich all the time in the past till i think i can recite their menu from memory. 

actually im on a self proclaimed boycott from paparich. about half a year ago, i swore never to step into another outlet again cos i feel that they are really being super unreasonable with their prices in comparison with the food served, ok, maybe its posher than most, but it really is a ridiculously overpriced, even for an upscale kopitiam. yeah admittedly enough, the ambience IS really nice, but rm9 for a plate of char kuey tiow that is like just average tasting? suck your own nuts man.

but since it was another person's treat and all, i wasnt exactly in a position to demand to be taken to somewhere along the lines of yuen steamboat or even TGIF, where although food might cost a little more than your average kopitiam/ mamak/ foodcourt, is sure worth every cent.

coffee with the nuffies last week too. i only found out that i was invited at like 2pm on the day itself, so i hurriedly got ready and google mapped the nuffnang office location.

before long, i was on an lrt to kl, unsure of whether i would even be able to locate the place in time for the 5pm meet up. oh well, what is it to be young and carefree if it doesnt give you the time and energy to just go with the flow :)

a yellowcab pizza outlet near the lrt station, where this little dog was tied up outside. 

and yes, i did find the nuffnang office without any trouble. im so street savvy :D
this is their wall, where bloggers who come to their office leave footprints.

my footprint. i didnt know about this wall thingy or else i think i'd have brought a giant banner to stick on it, along with a huge life sized narcissistic cardboard cutout of myself CHEH JUST KIDDING :)

to wrap up this post ; dont you just hate it when this happens at McD
this is what happens when you have the misfortune of having someone whos a total noob at their job make your sundae cone for you. looks ok on top, but hollow on the inside

p.s. its my sis's sundae cone ok, i just had a lick. sticking to my diet!

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