Tuesday, April 13, 2010


on easter sunday, we flew to townsville to visit alexander and rebecca who are studying there.

boarding the plane.

i got a window seat! the brisbane airport.

flying over brisbane.

when we touched down in townsville, we had Mcd for lunch and OMG it was so awesome compared to the Mcd here! i wanted to take a zillion pics but that would've made me look like someone who lived in a jungle and had never eaten Mcd before lol. hence, no pics.

uncle jon and auntie suileng dropped us kids off at to alex's unit before leaving for their hotel. we played band hero for quite a long time and just chilled at home that day.

lishan and i playing band hero. alex, bec and dan were playing COD4 in the computer room.

we went to the townsville museum the next day.

giant spider O.O

yeah it was a maritime museum so there was just naval stuff there and things like that.

i kept telling lishan "is this all there is to see? i wanna blow things up or make bolts of electricity crackle!"

but dont get me wrong, the museum was actually quite fun :)
a model depicting sailors trying to get out of a sinking ship.

what underwater explorers used in the 1800s.

the captain of the HMS Bounty writing in his journal.

a scale model of the HMS Bounty.

got out and walked around trying to decide what to have for lunch, when we saw this

and since i quite like mexican food, we decided to eat here.

haha this is really cute :)

bulls head

eats! pics of food never fail to be present in my blog :)
my chilli beef and nachos. i know it doesnt look like it, but that bowl's actually quite deep. it was an all you can eat promo, but it was such a huge portion that i couldnt even finish one serving, much less another portion. i cant imagine that anyone else could either.

daniel's massive burger. and yeah, he somehow managed to fit it the whole thing into his mouth.

lishan's enchiladas

no idea what this is called but i know its beef 

petrol pump 


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