Sunday, April 18, 2010


alexander has uni on weekends, so we went to the national park 

we went for a swim at the waterfalls first 

while we were swimming, a couple of guys were jumping off rocks 10 metres high into the waters below. i was damn excited and immediately wanted to do the same, but my aunt said "NO WAY. you're in my care and your mum would not be happy if i let you do this." T.T

well i guess she did have a point. but if i'd been there with friends i think i would have have wasted no time throwing myself over the edge :D

we went for lunch after that, and i had a kangaroo burger!! but i forgot to take pics 
*bangs head on wall*
it was quite nice to me, tasted like a cross between beef and roast duck. dan tried it and he said it tasted like cat food with the texture of overcooked beef  LOL

birdtray outside the cafe where we had lunch :)

we went for a walk in the forest after our lunch. we wanted to get to the lookout point so that we could see the whole valley, it took us about 40 minutes to get there.

daniel swinging on a vine.

the path

we reached the lookout point, and dan climbed over the fenced area onto a rock. overlooking the valley.

cool! i want i want!
but when i reached out to put my hand on a rock, i screamed my head off, cos i'd touched this!!

ditched the idea after that as my aunt caught up with us and i dont think she would be too happy. she'd probably envision me falling off the rock and breaking my neck :D

look look! you can see the sea from here! the blue outline you're looking at is the coast itself!

my aunt and i :)
i'm so glad she gave me the opportunity to go to australia

as we were walking out of the forest, i saw this

guess what it is?

its a dead spider with dewdrops hanging all over it :)
pretty cool


drove back to my aunt's hotel after that to have forty winks and a bite, as we were all exhausted from the long drive to and fro.

views from the hotel balcony :)

the colour of the sky in this pic is so pretty :)

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