Tuesday, April 13, 2010


went to the beach the other day.

eats. nachos with heaps of cheese. :D i super super love cheesy stuff but the F&B outlets in msia are always so stingy :(

the beach!

i had a passionfruit for the first time in my life! i mean, of course i've had passionfruit flavoured icecream and smoothies before, but i think they're all laced with just flavouring.

so for the benefit of all those people who have never seen a real passionfruit, this is what it looks like :D

uncle jon's parents from adelaide came over for easter, and his sister-in-law cecile with her daughter lyna from sydney. we went for a bite at one of the cafes lining the beach :)

grilled chicken and bacon with cheese and salad. thick strips of bacon and generous chunks of chicken, covered in oodles and oodles of CHEESE. leaves of fresh lettuce and juicy fat olives drizzled with olive oil and scattered with bits of fetta cheese.
 YUMS! :D freaking looove the food here!

lishan, lyna, uncle jon, cecile, daniel and i went to the rock pools after that while auntie suileng,uncle peter and kitty went browsing through the shops.
lishan and daniel request that i do not put further photos of them on my blog :( so no more photos in which they are recognisable in from here on.

the rock pools. 

daniel looking out at the ocean.

there were lots of crabs, small fishes and little prawns in the nooks and crannies of the rocks.

waves breaking against the boulders. i had to sit there for quite a while and wait for the right moment to snap this.

beautiful! gorgeous, splendid, tres magnifique! 

when we were at the rock pools, i was just so overwhelmed by the unmatched glory of God's creation, and i tried to take pics of everything, to recapture the moments so that they would stay with me forever through the lens of my camera. but after a while i realized, just how many pics can i take? and yes, the pics you're looking at are lovely, but nothing, absolutely NOTHING can embody actually being there yourself and being swept away by the beauty and magnificence of it all.

the wind in my hair, the crashing of the waves on the boulders, children laughing in excitement of finding another hermit crab, people smiling at each other and just drinking in life, feeling the corals under my feet, the sun's rays reflected off the water, the salty breeze, being with my cousins and relatives whom i havent seen in years..no words can match what you feel when you're experiencing such a breathtaking high. 

ugh maniac hair. >.<

washing our feet

lyna :)

in case anyone doesnt get this pic, its supposed to be me on a surfboard.
 and yes i know i've put on a lot of weight from RBS but i'm cutting down. will probably take me a while to get back to the size i was before :S

moroccan meatballs for dinner, with fruity sauce.  mmm and the meatballs were so huge and appetizing. my aunt is a fab cook :D

zeus and amigo playing :) how adorable

dinner the other day, rendang.

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