Wednesday, April 21, 2010


went shopping with lishan and auntie suileng

yay we saw an easter bunny! so of course i had to grab the opportunity to take a pic, cos we dont have easter bunnies parading around in msia handing out chocolate eggs :)

i dont know what that lady was doing with it or what part she has at all in the festive event of easter. O.O well i guess her job is just to hold the basket with the eggs and walk around with the bunny. 

since winter is around the corner, all the malls were stocking their shelves with winter gear which include these furry indoor slippers. not owning a pair will inevitably mean cold toes throughout winter.

ok i was damn happy cos it was already saturday and i still had $50 with me and was scheduled to return to msia on monday. so upon my return, i could change my australian dollars for RM150, yay! 

but then i saw this...and with a loan from my aunt bought it. :S
which means i would be going back to msia with an empty purse, and in debt to my aunt. SWT

but i love canon and have always wanted a canon camera, only they cost like RM700 in msia and thats just the cheapest you can find. and i know its only 8megapixels but the number of megapixels doesnt ensure great pics anyway, or that this particular model isnt as sophisticated as the other models in the market right now. so what?

im not some maniac shutterbug who would get so hot and bothered over aperture, exposure, zoom, and all that complicated camera specs. im happy with my new camera :)

we went to a rugby game that night

my ticket 

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