Sunday, April 18, 2010


oops this is an outdated post because in lieu of all the excitement i had when i went to townsville, i forgot about easter.

so we had an easter egg hunt in my aunt's house. i know it might sound kiddy, but its fun! not to mention all the eggs are chocolate ones..yum! :D

lishan, lyna and i dividing all the eggs we found equally

zeus joining in the fun :) why do my cheeks look so red and round O.O

it was damn cute cos after we thought we'd found all the eggs, we told uncle jon's mum and she said that there was one more. we looked high and low, but couldnt find it. then suddenly lyna pointed out that zeus, who was on my bed, was lying down on an egg. XD

wonder how he found it and why he was lying down on it. perhaps he wanted it for himself? :)

my share of the eggs 

played cards after that with uncle jon's mum and dad.

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