Monday, April 26, 2010


hey people!! so much has been going on in my life right now i barely have time to breathe! :D

im so excited cos i have such great news to share with you guys!! guess what??!

i got free passes to go watch the premiere screening of toy story 3 in 3D next monday!! yay! :D

hey howdy hey! 
so im gonna be watching it earlier than everyone else, way earlier from its official release date! :D 

im so happy! i dont care if im too old for kiddy movies! the memory of watching toy story and toy story2 when i was still a snot nosed kid with pigtails makes me smile and im so delighted that im gonna be one of the first to see toy story 3!
*jumps around*

oh and i also got premiere tickets to go see nightmare on elm street! then again, this might turn out to be a bad slasher movie remake but i dont care its free and i have em tickets and im going so yay!

i applied for a job the other day, and i got a call asking me to go for an interview tomorrow.

*takes a deep breath*

life has been good to me lately, and i dont know why. i mean, im always happy nowadays and ive seen a different side of life that i never saw when i still was a kid with a half baked brain in high school living in my secluded corner. really, i dont know what i did to be blessed so much.

im just taking time to drink in life and stroll along its overgrown paths, sitting amid the flowers and watching quietly from the sidelines of life as people hurry along in the fast lane. im living life to the fullest and feeling so alive and exuberated.

life is like the ocean, but then the storms of life, makes you see and appreciate the pockets of tranquility and beauty that exist in between.

im neither pretty, rich, socially affluent, or have an easy life, but im just content and glad to be doing what im doing, to be who i am, where i am right now

flowers are so delicate and pretty. and fragile too. theyre more like us humans than we realise, coming in all shapes and sizes, here one day, gone the next, every one of them beautiful and unique. sometimes people should just take a time out from work and all that hassle to sit quietly and acknowledge life, y'know? :)

wth im think im being way too whimsical and melodramatic. so unlike me. :) but really, i do mean what i say. people get so caught up in the mad flurry of life that sometimes it never even occurs to us to take a step back and appreciate the things that we have, to say thank you to a God up there that created us and this unique world we live in.

ok,you people prolly think ive gone off the bend. i'll shut up now. :)

God, thank you.
 i love life. :)

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