Sunday, March 14, 2010


since i have some time on my hands now, i might as well blog about stuff that i haven't had the chance to blog about lately due to my busy schedule.

Joy's open house! around 20+ RBSers were there, and it was great meeting up with everyone again. :)
when it was time to go off at 5, nobody really wanted to leave so soon, so a few of us decided to go hang out at 1U. 12 of us squeezed into 2cars, and off we went. 

this is one rude car. XD

6 of us in sheng's car!

i was fooling around honking at lance's car in front of us, we took the wrong road and were screaming our lungs out! lol but we were just screaming for fun la so yea :D

met up with the others there and decided to go makan at Fish&Co.
yuen, jo-yi, jeff, alex

hocleong, mingy, yuen, jo

NY fish and chips, alex's recommendation

alex's facial expression = :S ?

ian shuffling moolah

we girls walked around doing window shopping after that.

in F21. yuen, jo, me, rachel

jo and i :)

the guys were so 'guai', patiently waiting for us outside F21 while we browsed. :)

another RBS reunion with our girl elucia from camerons in KL!
on the way to 1U.

caught Valentine's Day the movie there. two thumbs up! :D 
wtcrap a pad on the floor in the middle of the walkway XD

geber and i

sheng and i. i like this shot :)

sheng sayang! wow i have so many pics with her :)

world cup hype

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