Saturday, March 27, 2010


zeus - hola

zeus and i  :)
cats are so therapeutic to hug and cuddle

a pic of me and lishan yesterday. wth why do i look so damn fat =.= bad angle!

anyway went surfing for the second time today with uncle john! this time lishan came along but she just splashed in the waves.

she took some pics of me surfing but theyre in my aunt's camera's memory stick and im too lazy to go get it now. maybe in my next post.
on the way to the beach. its so cool that my aunt's family lives like only 5minutes away from the beach. they live on a hill facing the beach at the edge of town so its so so so cool when we drive down the hill and we can see the whole town and the vast expanse of greeny blue ocean stretching in front of us.

you can see the moon over the water :)

auntie suileng baked meat pies for dinner

ohemgee so freaking cool their cat amigo caught a lizard!!! XD

and we're going to brisbane city tomorrow, to the DFOs (direct factory outlet) yay! :D!

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