Friday, March 12, 2010


7As - mostly plusses. 2Bs - a B+ and B. 1C+, screw addmaths.
well i guess its ok for a slacker like me, but you know what? honestly, im not satisfied at all. i know some people will probably smack me on the head and go "girl, 7As! what is your problem, what is there to not be happy about?"

well i'll tell you what is there to not be happy about. throughout my whole schooling life, i've never taken studies seriously and the only time ive actually cracked open a book is like, the day before an exam, or sometimes even on the very morning of the exam itself. basically, i've just been chilling all the way and never even bothered, cos i had other things on my mind i considered more important, like basketball, hanging out, catching up on the latest movies, surfing the net, etc.

dont get me wrong, after all, 7As isnt that bad. but that's exactly my point. its just 'not bad'. looking at the results i got after 11years of fooling around with my studies, i know very well i couldve done better. i just wish i couldve realised earlier that with a tiny bit more effort, i might have gotten straight As.

ahh, nuances of the past. :) last year's class pics

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