Sunday, March 21, 2010


march intakes, while most of you will be having your first day of college tomorrow, moi will be jet setting off to gold coast, australia for a 3 week vacation!

as everyone knows, it pays to find out beforehand about anything you're about to do, and this is no exception. and what better way to learn than through our trustworthy, tried-and-tested, google?
yeah so i googled 'australia' and this is what came up on my screen.

australia =  kangaroo.

also, australia  = white sandy gorgeous beaches.
but like whatever lah, malaysia also damn famous for gorgeous beaches what.

 but what we dont really have are the waves to surf on! it looks crazy fun and i seriously wanna try out surfing! :D


ok, so i also got curious as to what australians have for their usual grub. y'know, like over here in malaysia, our staple diet consists of nasi lemak, asam laksa, ABC, curry mee, rojak, etc.

so i googled 'australian food' and here is what i got

australian strawberry pancakes? never heard of such thing. looks quite nice though.

quad-patty cheeseburger.
madness how would i even fit that into my mouth to take a bite? XD
no wonder ang mohs grow to be so much bigger in size than asians if this is whats on their typical menu 

fish and chips and calamari rings! yum yum!

which brings to mind..

the famous sydney fish market also synonymous with australia! dont think i'll be able to visit though, my aunt's house is in brisbane.

and i wondered how the shopping was gonna be like, and google came up with..

apparently theres freaking a lot of DFOs (direct factory outlets) in aussie and you can get really nice stuff for dirt cheap prices there! a must-visit :)

there's also higher-class malls like the one in the pic below, but i think that they're kinda pricey. well they do look like they are, to me anyway. ahh well a trip there to look around would still be fun :)

this one kinda looks like the marrakesh at pyramid

crap its 4am, i havent finished filling in my scholarship application form, and i havent even started packing!

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