Sunday, March 14, 2010


bouldering with some RBSers at wangsa maju! took the KTM to KL Sentral, then took an LRT to wangsa maju.

please bear with my blogging skills for now, i know there are some glitches. thats cos im currently getting used to the new blog editor.

is it so weird that i like bubble tea pearls on their own so much and just bought them like that? O.O
the climbing gym, madmonkeyz

i look so damn crappy here :S
back - jerad, geber, anthony, tiamfei, jeff, edwin, iishan, alex.
front - timmo, me

the others went off at like 5, while timmo, alex, lance and i went to makan at a mamak and then went to dota.

lance dropped us off at the jelantek LRT station and i got on to go to KL Sentral, while alex and timmo took it all the way back to taman bahagia.
alex and timmo sleeping next to me on the LRT.

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