Wednesday, March 24, 2010


greetings from australia! yes, im sitting in front of the computer at my aunt's house, blogging about how my time here has been so far. it's only day 2 and i'm having a really good time!

at the airport in malaysia

a chocolate shop

boarding the plane. i was all by my lonesome and hoped i would get to sit next to some hot guy on the lane, or at least someone i could talk to, but no, i sat all ALONE. XD

my aunt prebooked a meal for me on the plane, and this was what i got

nasi lemak

tried to get some sleep on the 8 hour flight, but it was all in vain cos i was sitting up so ramrod straight, and it didnt do me much good at all.

sunrise from the plane!! wowwowow!!

shots of the clouds

this shot looks so photoshopped but its not!

flying in over the gold coast

touchdown at queensland international airport

flight ticket

entered the airport and went through customs, then picked up my luggage and went to meet uncle john. i went to the international flight arrival hall, and i didnt see anyone there. so i walked up and back down down the length of the airport, then saw him waiting just at the entrance of the arrival hall. 

put my stuff in his car, then we went for a bite

kirramisu, the cafe we went to

i ordered an omelette and it was so huge! with bacon, tomatoes, onions, and delectable sticky rich mounds of cheese in it! i LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese, but the restaurants in malaysia are usually so stingy with and serve it so sparingly, so i was totally delighted at the generous helping of cheese in my omelette!

finished our meal, then hit the road to buderim, off the sunshine coast where my aunt lives.

reached my aunt's house and she set me up in lishan's room. my cousins daniel and lishan were still at school, so i was all alone.

a huge bottle of smarties in lishan's room. she won it in youth when she guessed the number closest to the actual amount in the bottle, which was around 1000.

hadnt gotten any sleep for 2nights, so i crashed into bed right after that and woke up at 8pm for dinner. chatted with lishan a bit, then went to bed at around 11pm. apparently people here sleep really early, like at 9pm and wake up at 7am. 

woke up at 7am today and started taking some pics of my aunt's house, cos my mum wants to see lots and lots of pics.

the front garden.

the pool

the back garden

went shopping after that at like 9am with aunty suileng and lishan, who had the day off fom school because i was visiting. yeah, 9am. everything opens around 8am and closes early too.

         went to this place called "The Plaza', which is really cool cos its built across the brisbane river.


oh yeah, easter is in a week! that means people are buying lots and lots of chocolates, chocolate bunnies, easter eggs, etc

choooooocolate :)

rows and rows of easter chocolate bunnies

can you believe a bag of chocolates are $2.50?? gosh if i were to convert it, $2.50 x 3 = RM7.50. no way you can get chocolate that cheap back home. it'd probably cost like RM20.

did a lot of shopping. gila berbanyak ^.^ !! i bought a lot of stuff, all of which were $5-$10. super cheap i tell you, some stuff here would cost a lot more. there was stuff from diva that cost only $5, dresses, shorts and tops that were $5 and $10. and of good quality too! confim even malaysia cannot find :D
oh yeah my aunt sponsored quite a fair bit of my shopping too. thank you auntie suileng! i love you lots!!

we went to San Churros after that, a spanish restaurant serving desserts and coffee

how do you bite the bunny?   :)

choclate truffles

lishan looking at the monstrous chocolate bunnies. :D

we had churros, which are like donuts, only they come in sticks and are deep fried till theyre crispy and golden brown.

our churros being made
pics! my uncle said that one very malaysian trait we have is taking pictuers of food. he said that no one from other countries does that, just us :)

they were crispy golden brown perfection on the outside, soft, white and chewy on the inside. fragrant smelling and warn from the hot oil, dipped in melted chocolate, they made a delicious snack.

me and lishan's babycinos, which are small cappucinos. cute name. :)

my aunt :)

sorry for the lousy shot

went back to my aunt's place  after that. chilling on the comp now and surfin the net :) 3 more weeks of fun to be had! whoopee!! :D

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