Friday, March 12, 2010


here are some of the pics from the road trip that were in my camera. with minimal captioning, cos im in a hurry right now to finish up and go play basketball.

this was right after we arrived. we went up to HCC, where we'd spent 6 unforgettable weeks of our lives in RBS.

walking into town after that for a bite. did you know that apparently the best jam and scones are found in cameron highlands?

banana split
scones, jam and cream. and omigosh i have to tell you that these scones are DELECTABLE. simply the best i've ever tasted, theyre even better than those served at all those swanky teahouses and restaurants i've ever been to. so buttery, melt in your mouth and moist. with such a fluffy texture and luscious layer of thick butter, cream, and jam sandwiched in between. these scones are seriouslt da bomb. you totally have to give these melt in your mouth morsels a try when you come to camerons!

theyre found in the T Cafe, above Marrybrown's.

also highly recommended, apple pie and ice cream. home made apple pie with milky smooth vanilla ice cream. yum yum. :)

the guys bought bb guns and played real life CS with them.

lance and ian are wearing exactly the same clothes.

dinner in brinchang

sheng and elucia
yours truly
this car is pimped up so cool

oh and after that, this really cool thing happened. we were walking along to the park, and mingy and ian were strumming their guitars. then these gwai lo tourists asked for a song, and boy were they happy to perform!

sheng, arjund, timmy, elu

jumpshots with my camera! theyre not really that good though, cos my camera cant capture fast objects in low light conditions, but they are kinda special.

see what i mean? lance and ian look so cool, as if theyre 'jumpers'

breakfast before we left for KL

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