Sunday, March 21, 2010


since this post is dedicated to sheng, it only makes sense that it would be filled with pics of her. 
(and hey sheng i'm using my valuable last day here in malaysia to do this when i'm supposed to be filling in my scholarship application form so you better appreciate it! :P )

sheng was the first person i talked to in RBS apart from jo-yi, alex and chermaine (because they were there early, like us, so all of us went for makan)

y'know sometimes when you see a person, you get a feeling at first glance that you'll like them, that you two will be able to get along great, and you'll be able to click? in the later part of us knowing each other, we realised that we'd both experienced that same thing when we first saw each other :D

on top of bukit jasa

sheng and i at yong teng pancake stall, of which she's a diehard fan 

and somehow i always found myself with her ; games groups, mission team and on sundays when we would go out in groups :)

sheng and i on open day

in ann's car

during our OA mission trip! where we had this mad trek into the jungle for like 15minutes, panting as we went uphill, downhill and it was all in vain as we had to rush out in the end!

our kirton mission group, all in black cos we 'berpakat' wear the same color for the treasure hunt to show that we were one. can you say  'team spirit' ?

and now our girl's leaving us to go to la la land aka tokyo to do her civil engineering course, graduate with flying colours and then get a great job to make us all proud of her! crap it just sucks that i'm leaving for aussie tomorrow and wont be able to send her off on wednesday :( 

sheng, im really glad i met you. i'll miss you loads! 

p.s. you wont be able to tease me about my imaginary 'goings on' with someone anymore! hah! XD

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