Friday, March 26, 2010


on with my vacation here! :D

auntie suileng cooked roast lamb for dinner yesterday, yum!

this is gooooood grub. no kidding. freaking huge and juicy.

my buys from yesterday! :D i love my auntie suileng ^.^ the two necklaces from diva are only $5 each!!

went for a walk along the beach yesterday morning.

there are lots of cafes and touristy shops along the waterfront.

random stuff in some shop selling asian trinkets

my aunt and i went for breakfast at one of the cafes called 'Jamaica Blue'

oohh oooh look at the cakes! so big!! no way you can get that in msia cos the shops here are so freaking kiam siap.


grasshopper : lets get hopping

date cake and cream.

my bacon and eggs with toast. part of the bacon is covered by my eggs and toast but actually its freakin alot. ahh, im so glad people dont have to give a crap about halal in aussie. XD

went shopping with my aunt after that.

donuts with m&m's. looks good! :D

and can you believe it the chocolate cakes at a normal supermarket look like this? with heaps of chocolate icing on top, now thats what i call a REAL chocolate cake. makes the ones at carrefour or giant in msia look so pathetic.

easter is in the air

look, they have mamee in aussie too! the monster looks different though, and the packets are a lot smaller.

freaking CHEAP

happy easter!

america's most loved dysfunctional family

wnt swimming with lishan when she got back from school after that

their cat, zeus.

playing with my toes.

dessert, ice cream with nougat and fruits. 

went for a walk with my aunt again this morning.

i think the things hanging on this tree look like porcupines XD

a kookooberra!

kookooberra sits on the old brown tree, merry merry king of the bush is he..
i used to sing that song when i was little but didnt even know what a kookooberra was.

went shopping with my aunt again this morning

:D! i like!

went surfing with my uncle this afternoon. no pics though, takkan i bring my camera out and get it wet.

waited at the skate park for my uncle to get the surfboards outta the car, and saw this

can anyone tell me what shoes are doing hanging up there? O.O


in the car after surfing. uncle jon suggested we go for a gelato. :) even though i like gelato, didnt really feel like one cos im watching my diet, but went along with the idea anyway.

uncle jon deciding what to have

my white chocolate and hazelnut. so big! damn generous portions :D

uncle jon :) talked about lotsa stuff, and i think he's a pretty cool uncle to have. :D

had seafood for dinner. my cousin daniel doesnt really like seafood though. but i didnt know!

the seafood here is seriously fresh, straight from the net to the pan.

see how super fresh it is?
but once i stepped into the shop, wooosh!! the fishy smell wacked me in the face, it was so strong!

cousin lishan, auntie suileng. hmm, i've gotten everyone's pic here so far except daniel's. should try to get a pic of him im my next post.

time for eats!

yay! so big and so fresh! :D

nyom nyom.
had a great meal. thanks uncle john! :)

'we are now licensed'
what, so it means that they were illegal before? XD

where we ate

there were fireworks after that by the bay, so we went to have a look

people watching the fireworks

uncle jon and lishan. aww. :)

lishan :)

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