Sunday, March 28, 2010


watched The Sound Of Music last night with lishan!! ahh, just brings back all the memories and nostalgic feelings of old. :)

while we were watching, zeus was sleeping on the beanbag, and he was snoring! how cute is that? i didnt know cats snored :D

so we went to the DFO in brisbane today to SHOP!! and omigosh i tell you the prices there were mad mad cheap!!
cotton on!!

gila, there were $3 dresses, shorts and tops there

roxy purses! and they only cost $7-12! CARISA MOY you'd better be grateful because one of them will be going to you when i get home. see which one is the nicest? well that is the one you'l be getting. its so gorgeous that in fact i wanted to get the same one but didnt in the end >.<


mega !!!!!!!!!!

went to brisbane city after that for makan. actually auntie suileng wanted chinese cos apparently chinese food is like super rare and high class in aussie. she was so semangat about getting lou mai kai, but then she asked me what i wanted. and since here in msia you have kopitiams everywhere so..i said i wanted anything but chinese

so we walked around and went into this lebanese restaurant

auntie suileng and uncle jon deciding what to order

me and lishan.
SOS wtcrap i look so fat. better do something about it. =.="

auntie suileng and uncle jon. lol he looks so stoned. XD

food! time for me to do my thang XD

combo platter.

the bar

the lounge

went sight seeing around brisbane after that

brisbane's chinatown! but its like so deserted. i think it probably is more alive at night.

if im not mistaken, thats the oldest church in aussie.

lishan snapping pics

we went to the botanic gardens after that, super nice wei! beside the brisbane river :)

i seriously think i look like crap.

lishan! :D

the collins family, sans daniel and alex

the riverbank

the botanic gardens! no kidding, its freaking huge and bee-yoo-tee-full. :)

uncle jon, lishan. :)

 the bamboo glade! so pretty!! :D

i thought it would be kinda boring but seriously the botanic gardens were so beautiful. crazy varieties of green plant life spanning for acres and acres, beautifully landscaped and neatly trimmed and well kept.

aunite suileng and lishan on candid.

awww :'D

lishan trying her hand at artistic photography :)


my buys!! well actually some of the stuff in the pic are from the plaza the other day, its just that lishan thought it would be nicer if i spread everything out.

wanted to go surfing tomorrow but uncle jon has work. so auntie suileng is taking me to check out underwater world. hopefully it'll be interesting. :)

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