Thursday, March 4, 2010


have seriously been too busy running around trying to keep up with my crazy hectic life now that i have no time AT ALL to blog.

going out every single day, events, gatherings, road trips, movie dates and outings, you name it. my social calendar is jam packed.

oh oh! btw, i just came back from a road trip up to camerons (yes, again) with my friends! it was mad mad fun i tell you! too bad we couldnt stay longer due to commitments back in KL. :(
so, peekchures peekchures

sheng's bored mind + itchy hands + useful props = unconventional shots like the above stuffed-bear-kissing-my-face pic

dinner in brinchang

walking back to our apartment

jumpshots by ian! many of them are 'fail shots' though

lol lol me and sheng look so so sesat

another jumpshot which obviously did not work out

sheng, elucia, me

piggyback :)

look at the beautiful lighting! :')

lance stoning :)

darling elucia!

tim in one of the bear kissy shots

ok so here are the guys chio jumpshots (because they were snapped by me :D )

men in black?

arjund, timmy

lance, ian


the guys doing their own version of 'my humps' or whatever it was. :)

hamming it up for the camera, and at the same time making us laugh till our sides hurt. :D!

ian as AV coordinator, mingy as guitarist, lance as singer.
elucia as amused spectator. :)

haha timmy and ian look so stoned

sheng sayang and i :)

other pics from here in subang

anyway, the latest thing that is waiting to happen is that im going for this thing called
International Sports Leadership Training (Level1)

i dont really know what it is, because i was just invited to go at the last minute. i think im gonna be like the youngest person there, which isnt really a good thing to me, cause then i'd have less people i can connect with on my level.

so this apparently this training i will be going for from the 5-8th of march is only at national level, in malaysia. if i do well, i'll be allowed to go for the regional level training, somewhere in the vicinity of asia. and then, if i'm commended by the organisers i'll be sponsored by them for the international level training, and will be flown in to south africa for 3-months

all packed up and ready to go!
(ok lah actually that picture is from my RBS album before we left for mission trip but i just put it there for the 'feel' of the packing up and leaving XD )

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