Thursday, February 11, 2010


so im back from RBS, yup. will update more on that later, but now i'll blog about what i was doing pre-RBS, cause my connection was down and i couldn't do so then.
the week before RBS, i caught Avatar with my sis (can't believe its still showing 6weeks later)

picking up some groceries on the way
went to makan at Old Town before our show. i wasnt eating and so was snapping pics of every random thing i laid my eyes on.
someone with itchy hands made scribbles on the wooden divider :) no it wasnt me who did it

my sis's bowl of curry laksa
retarded shit. my sis made some joke about it and i was giggling throughout the day.
after the meal, it was
visit to the loo before. :)
awesome show, while i was up in camerons during RBS i said that i'd watch it again if i came back and it was still showing. cant believe it actually still is! well if anyone is interested to watch it with me, then i'll go. so all you RBS peeps who havent seen it yet, drop me a line! :D it'd be cool catching up with you guys too!

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