Thursday, February 11, 2010

SO LONG, 2009!

my last post of 2009! so i spent the whole day at pyramid along with weihan, ryan, andy, yewmin, shermun, amy, jariel and many many others whom i bumped into along the way!
got there early due to some miscommunication. had a bite while waiting for the others.
ever had people tell you not to play with your food? screw it! :D

calamari rings rock socks. :)
weihan. ryan. yewmin.
went for pool after that.
played for like what, 3hours on that day?
me. ryan. weihan.yewmin. amy.
bumped into larissa there. caught sherlock holmes after that, and then went to MCD to grab some snacks.
i uber uber love ryan's shirt! :D
weihan was bullied into this pic by shermun and i :)

toilet break before the fireworks! so girls go toilet together you sure know what we do la right? ;)
but i'll spare you and only post up one pic heehee
ok then we had to rush like crazy after that and were running helter skelter because it was like only 3minutes to countdown!
3, 2, 1, happy 2010!!
ok i feel so retarded saying that cos it 2010 came like more than a month ago =.="
shermun. weihan. me.
ok pics of the fireworks!
shadow pic

shermun. weihan.
self timer
andy. cheryl. shermun. weihan. yewmin. ryan.
ok so after the excitement of the fireworks died down, it was picture time!

jariel. shermun. me. amy.
amy. me. jariel.
yewmin. shermun. me.
ryan is such a killjoy! he didnt wanna take pics with us after that and so they forced him into this!
we were all so sweaty and hot in the lift but i still insisted to keep on snapping away with my camera :) annoying much, teehee
weihan, ryan.
bffs of 10years. and i dont know how that smiley at the bottom right corner got into the picture. its not edited btw.
the heineken christmas tree was still there twinkling away looking so pretty and of course we girls simply had to have a pic with it! :)
wanted to take a cab to AC after, but saw the crazy traffic, and it would burn a hole in our pockets if we did, so we walked. yes, WALKED all the way from pyramid to AC. and i really think i deserve a pat on the back cos i walked in my brand new 4-inch heels all the way.
on the way there
exhausted but finally reached our destination, hee. :)
look at the crazy heels that i walked in! :)
ok so im finally done with 2009, will be blogging about my 5weeks of bible school in camerons next!

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