Thursday, February 11, 2010


christmas day at my church!
ok i know my blog's still so stuck in 2009 but bear with me! im such an organized, meticulous blogger just have to get these few pics out of my system before i move on!
lol my first pic's one of the yummy food that day.
im sick of food, ate SOOOOO much during RBS! which explains why a fat little beach ball came home to subang.


the people there

they were having games upstairs for kids with prizes. i went and it looked fun, so i played too!

move over kids, i want a turn too! :D im cant resist some kiddie game that has the audacity to challenge my much more refined intellect. XD

and apparently neither can fiona or denise, heh. sadly we couldnt triumph over the game, and walked away sulking.
the next thing i saw was miniature golf, ooh!
gimme gimme that err..stick! and i'll unleash the tiger woods in me! :D

posing for the camera :)

one, two, swing!

ultimate failure, missed the ball right in front of me. XD

ok lah, what kiddie game i play also fail. dont want to play already!
but playing with balloons is foolproof! :D so i just kept myself contented playing with these helium filled pieces of rubber until it was time to go.

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