Friday, February 26, 2010


hey guys! still am freaking busy but updating cos i dont want my blog to die. went out today with weihan, ryan, yewmin, andy, ken, shermun, and others.

oh oh! and something really wonderful happened today! we managed to fit 11people, 10guys plus me into ken's car!

haha we were too squashed up for me to get a proper pic of us all

so here's some pic i stole off the guiness world records website for 'most people in a mini' and yeah, you could say we looked something like that haha

even though his car's a Rush but still, 11PEOPLE! i think we should get some kinda award for that. XD

went to the taipan Mcd, then Gardens for pool.
just look at weihan's rear view >.<

goodness weihan, how shameless can you get. letting it all hang out like that. XD

after that we headed to AC, then to usj2, and then ken sent all of us home, except me because i wanted to meet up with my family in carrefour. it was so nice of him to take the trouble to escort them with an umbrella right to their front door, getting himself drenched for his efforts.

ryan recently told me about glee (i katak bawah tempurung dont watch tv wan) so i checked them out on youtube, and i find their videos really cool!
check them out :)

im going to wangsa maju tomorrow for rock climbing with friends from RBS. will have to wake up really early, then take a bus to kl sentral and then an lrt to wangsa maju on my own cos i dont wanna trouble my parents.

gosh i gotta run! so many things to do, so little time! bye! :D

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