Thursday, June 25, 2009


damn it. :(
my stupid school had spot check today, my class only.

at first i wasnt really worried cos i hadnt brought anything really illegal, like my phone. yes, there were highlighters, liquid paper in my pencilcase, but usually the prefects are ok with that cos they know that we use it to do our work. i'd also had a DVD with me, a brand new one that chaichi lent me and i hadnt even had the chance to watch it yet. but i thought it would be ok since i put it in my file and they usually only check bags.

mana tau lah i get a freakin strict shitty prefect that seriously turn my bag inside out. so i was smart and sat on all my highlighters and stuff. then suddenly she say whats that under yr skirt. =.= bocor liau

wtf, then check my file and found the DVD

damnit, 17 Again, zac efron, didnt even watch it yet!!!
screw that prefect!!

and its even worse that the DVD's not mine.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


"how the hell did i get myself into this?" were my thoughts as i walked into the seating area for the Spell-It-Right organised by RHB-NST. i felt sooo out of place. me, unacademically inclined cheryl, joining some geeky spelling competition. zzz.
everyone around me was buzzing about the competition. i was so annoyed and felt so out of place cos so many of them were reading dictionaries that i picked one up and started flipping through it too.

my teammates. OMG, when i started i was like what the hell. almost half of the words were practically unheard of by me. zzz. i won the first round and was qualified for the finals, which meant i had a chance of bagging RM2000 for myself! :) ok, maybe being a geek does have its rewards, i guess? :S
pn shirley took us to cinnabon for snacks :D
thats me in the finals. damn, the list was screwed up!!! it was so freaking stupid and unfair that some people got really easy words like obscuratism, panache, ricochet, smorgasboard, nimbostrarus, imbecilec. like wtf? a baby could spell those. but there were stupid words like some mumbo jumbo i have never heard of before in my whole entire life. *curses*
ok, but not all was lost. there was a silver lining on the cloud cos our school got the first place for the school category (that means RM2000 to be shared among the four of us)

big smile :D

a more serious pic. =l


a bird built its nest in my house last year. well, its back. or maybe it recommended this spot to its friend or whatever. :)
there's the nest! :D

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i am SOOOOO disturbed. what the hell is the matter with my skin? recently, zits have been shooting up faster than rabbits reproduce and blackheads are popping up everywhere. =.=

spot the blackheads/pimples. cant see them? thats cos i used to NOT have any. =(
look at my skin in that pic with alex. why has it suddenly rebelled? please please what is happening >.<
i used to have such clear, matte skin like what, just a year ago? friends tell me its due to puberty and changes in hormones, shit like that. but i had this phase already when i was 13(yes i had pimples growing everywhere when i was that age too), and i dont really agree with them. i mean, i already went through puberty, and theyre saying im going through it again? whoever heard of a second puberty? :/
or theyre saying im gonna grow bigger boobs, grow taller? hmm, thats not such a bad thing :D but i am mucho opposed to having seriously bad skin. :@ !! i hate it!


have just finished my addmaths project and its 5am, so dont see the point of going to sleep anyway. screw addmaths! im sure im gonna be snoozing all my way through school tomorrow. >.<
ooh, speaking of school, i am ECSTATIC about my exam results! i havent failed anything (so far) and thats a surprise to me, especially when i didnt study a thing. :D
2 subjects i am really pleased with

  • Physics - ok, i know 43% isnt exactly statement of brilliancy, but heyheyy. i didnt study and i didnt copy. :D plus miss lok's marking scheme is UBER strict, and like what, 15 people (in my class) failed? im just sooo glad i passed.


  • Add Maths - yeap, the unthinkable happened! i hadnt done 3questions in paper2, which means i just threw away around 30marks. it wasnt because i was stupid and didnt know how to do the questions ok, it was cos i was stupid and didnt read the instructions. i was like oh crap, 30marks gone, sure fail one la. but i passed. Passed. PASSED. PASSED. with 8marks to spare. :D 48%, yippee!!

*jumps around*


Thursday, June 11, 2009

went to pyramid today to try out the RM1 food promo. :)

gasoline - camwhoring 101

where we tried the seafood tomyam. obviously they did not give me such a small bowl, i was halfway through eating when suddenly i was compelled to take a pic of my pathetic, half-eaten bowl of tomyam. :)

stupid overexposed shot. my photography skills suck.
rachel still wanted to eat, so she ordered the chicken maryland. the portion was huge O.O

we then went to some japanese foodstuffs shop, where they had hello panda samples for everyone to eat. the shopkeeper stood there all the time, probably cos most people might grab all they could if it was left unattended. i know i would have. :D

funny ice creams sold at the shop - watermelon and orange

mini chocolates.

poker cards and roulette chips.

and finally, adam lambert confirms that he's gay. man, what a waste. someone like him seems too delicious to be gay, right? :P

Sunday, June 7, 2009


i was just thumbing through the SJ Echo and look what i saw O.O XD !!!

yer but 50sen is so dam miserly la please!! if you buy a net/rat poison and purposely drive out of your house to catch them, it would cost like 10times more than 50sen right?(unless you already have those things
+ rats living in your house) so unless MPSJ ups the reward for catching rats, i dont think their campaign is gonna be very effective. :S


went to shah alam today. was the table official for some of the matches. i like being an official with the digital gamer thingy from molten that they provided us! never used one prior to this :) no more sucky hassle of depending so much on the scoresheets. me and joanne ; she filled in the scoresheets, i presssed the panels on the gamer. :D

SMK USJ13 warming up. tan seh wei - pure youthful talent. probably will end up representing malaysia if he keeps on improving. his game? simply gorgeous.

lining up before the match. i so totally cant wait to see SMK Kwang Hua/DNA and SMK USJ13 in the finals! DNA beat USJ13 in the Jasmine Cup though, so i wonder how it'll turn out this time.


finally got a haircut with the coupon above. went to A Cut Above at pyramid, turns out that its their academy thats offering those services. i walked into the salon and someone told me to go to this narrow lane at the back of the salon and go up the stairs.

never knew this place existed in pyramid.

mannequins with ugly long hair. look someone drew on some of their faces with marker pen! :)

mannequins with sucky short hair.
the haircut took 2FREAKING HOURS. stupid fella who cut my hair didnt know how to cut properly and was so zealous that he cut a bit too much. :S but i think it'll be fine by the time i get back to school. :)


wow havent been blogging these few days not cos i hadnt got anything to say but cos i've been too damn BUSY!! my holiday agenda consisted of going out every single day (mostly to shah alam, the seriously far off parts of it) to play basketball, catching movies with friends, and during my free time, a steady diet of Gossip Girl and SLEEP. :)
im not a fan of long posts, so ill break them down into a few.
my room was seriously filthy and dusty, so i decided to clean it out. attacked every nook and cranny with a vacuum cleaner.

omg look at my hand after i accidentally brushed against the fan in my room. icks.

my goodness look at the dust bunnies under my table. bye bunnies, u gotta go! right down the nozzle of my vacuum cleaner. :D the bunnies under my bed were even bigger. they were simply monstrous. O.O

after the dust bunnies were vanquished from under my table.

i am now the proud owner of a clean room. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


just came back from shah alam. had to wake up at 8.30a.m. (GAH) and follow the guys team there, cause i didnt know the way. took more than an hour to reach the place. to say that there was no space in the car would be more than an understatement.
had major muscle cramps, no thanks to the fact that i had to position myself in a very awkwardly jilted angle and squeeze my legs underneath my body while sitting in an L-shaped pose so that the goddamn kenari would accomodate the 7 of us. waited the whole freakin day for my match to start at 4p.m. finally went home around 6. kwang hua - black vs some school which i have forgotten the name of. kwang hua are really good. great teamwork and coordination, especially between the centers.
(some of the) usj12 under 15 boys. ivan, you look retarded. :P

an accident on the way home.
signing off now. =)

Monday, June 1, 2009


am going to Sri Cahaya tomorrow with the guys to play in the tournament. will probably get a ticket for overcrowding, squeezing 7ppl in one kenari, but screw it. will be playing for sri cahaya since then they would cover all my expenses. play for my school? nah. then i would have to pay bus fees, registration fees, manage the team, train them, etcetc. i remember how hectic it was for me last year, manager, captain and player. kepala pusing. can see stars man @.@ so this year im gonna let someone else handle all the loose strings and just do what i love, play ball. :D


look what i found from the NST. :)

basketball + football players

champion team - 3 Blind Mice :)