Thursday, April 30, 2009

love me do

someone told me that i dont have many pics in my blog in which my face is able to be seen properly.

y'know, as in camwhore kinda pics.

well, im only so glad to oblige you. :)

me in some shop's changing room (people say i look very garang in this pic O.O)

john and i at sri cahaya cup '08

everyone always asks me where i got this shirt and how they can get one too :)

at pyramid

i'm so stupid right syok sendiri-ing in cyberspace. >.<
btw, its yivern's birthday today! happy birthday yivern! i'll be going to pyramid tomorrow to meet up with happy crazy people to celebrate!


was looking through some old pics..found these :) from chinese new year time when i went out with shuying and kokweng.
i love the food at Gasoline restaurant at Asian Avenue! perfect for cheapskates who still wana eat till they're full e.g. me XD
me and kokweng's cheesy chicken chop + honeydew bubble milk tea..yum!

then we headed to Sushigroove where shuying wanted to get her cawanmushi

lurve the mirrored wall at their entrance :)


a random pic of spontaneity =)


BRYAN LIM JO-TSHEN - 29.04.1992
Happy birthday Bryan!

I didn't get you anything though. :( Should've reminded me lar brader :P
Who is Bryan Lim? *gasps* you didn't know?
well..he's a great guy with a million dollar smile..most guys people would just kill to have the pearly whites that he has. :D

back in 2008 with suhaib and his macha abhishek

bryan was hawt even back then..check him out flashing that smile ;)

and he's still maintaining his hawt-ness in 2009 :)

side profile ; awesome

front profile - wow!

happy birthday bryan..may you always be happy,stay hawt and keep right on being the desire of half the girls in the school XD

psst psst to all know i'm just play along to make the boy happy la since it's his birthday :P

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MSSD #2 and #3

LOL (i'm the one at the side)

schewee & i ; take 1

schewee & i ; take 2

haih, we lost. :(


i am so disappointed, especially as i know we didnt do our best and could have won. 1st school we lost to, Sri Kembangan. we were leading all the way till the last quarter where it was 15-15. then they caught up 17-21. we did alot of stupid mistakes and our defence formation was full of holes. =(


the 2nd school we lost to was taman sri muda, the same school that my friend Bao Er from the MSSS team was in. we almost won but lost by only 3points, 16-13. haih, if only yvonne, siauthung and chaichi hadn't left the team i'm sure we would've gone far this year.


i'm EMO-ING big time.


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


the least i can hope for now is getting selected for MSSS training. But even then i dont think if i can even get in the team cos alot of good players from the u15 MSSS team have come up. i feel so dejected.

btw was looking through ashwin's blog..and saw this! Ivan! how dare u punk me especially as i was your photographer for the day! remember that pic i took when you were on air?!

im gona wack your head when i see you.

Monday, April 27, 2009


It was the first day of MSSD today and we played against Sri Cahaya. We won 17-4 but i am VERY VERY NOT HAPPY with the score. For goodness sake, we beat this team by 20+ points last year and we lead by only 13points in MSSD? WTF!
I know i shouldn't scold my teammates on the court during the game, but sometimes i just cant stand it. Its not that some of them make mistakes, its they know their mistake but just dont learn from it. Not chasing the ball cos you are tired or think that you cant get it back is NOT AN EXCUSE not to try!
And some of you, PLEASE dont be blur during the game. I mean come on, we played so much better during training and the previous years than we did today so i know you guys can do it.
Also, please use your head when you play. Basketball is not all about running here and there but not knowing what to do, you have to use your brains as well. Stop running to wrong positions during defence and messing up the team's formation.
I know i have made mistakes as well, everyone does. And i am not ashamed to admit it. But dont just keep making the same mistake over and over again and not learning from it la please. Some of us here are doing our best to win, so please have some consideration and think of the team if you feel like giving up. Basketball is a team game and you cant only think of yourself. You say you are tired, do you think all the rest of us are very happily running up and down the court in the hot sun and not feeling tired at all? Please dont be selfish and think of the team as well.
We're playing against Seri Kembangan tomorrow, the same team that we lost to only 25-23 last year. I hope all of you will do your best and it will be enough even if we dont win.

steamboat gala

Went with bryan, junweng, foolin, and the twins to watch He's Just Not That Into You. Surprisingly though, it was the guys who suggested the movie eventhough it was a chick flick. I thought the movie was stupid and all the female characters were whiny, desperate, and totally overdependant on the male species. Finally bought my white top from Nichii. =)

After that, we met up with FTL and the girls (thats jeanette,kelly,jenna and me) and went for makan at a steamboat buffet restaurant in sunway on saturday.

the restaurant somewhere in sunway. Me and junweng were total divas and took a cab from pyramid to the restaurant eventhough the distance was only like 200m away. this restaurant is seriously laku and its a good thing we made reservations because it was packed all the way from the ground floor all the way to the third floor but we just sailed past all the people waiting to be seated outside and zipped right to our seats. :)

The guys eating. I ate SERIOUSLY ALOT there, even more than the guys, till they labeled me bulldozer =.=' For the info of all the people who were there, i dont usually eat like that ok! I'd starved myself the whole day waiting for the steamboat dinner. I think one of the best dishes there was the honey marmite barbequed chicken. All the people there were behaving like uncivilized idiots, pushing and shoving to fill their plates with as much of it as possible. When it first came out me and eshen went to see if we could get a few pieces and were like WTF when we saw the people grabbing as much of it as they could. All the chicken was gone within a few seconds. O.O

The next time the chicken came out we were better prepared and were waiting with our plates ready and finally got some for ourselves. *cue for applause* =)

the guys waiting for the chicken to be served


the prize =)

eshen stuffing his face :)

oh yeah, i remember in my last post i said i would blog about this hot guy called bryan? Well here he is :)

check out the hot stuff weih :P

Bryan Lim Jo-Tshen
Hot :P

Me helping myself to the food. After that we walked back to pyramid even though it was really late and lepak-ed there for a while till my mum came to pick me up.
All the pics are from junweng's blog since i was too lazy to upload the pics from my own camera. I would be too lazy even to blog if not for the fact that its now the ICT period in school and i have nothing better to do. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

the world is a lot more fun with a bit of bullshit thrown in :D

hey you. :)

all my friends are studying like mad but yours truly here hasn't cracked open a single book. i'm abit worried though but i'm worrying about bigger things (from my point of view anyway) right now. :S MSSD is gona be held in 2days and our team's defence, to put it honestly, is really bad. i thought coach would teach us the most basic defence, 3-2, but instead all we've been doing is having tons of friendly matches from other schools and haven't been working on it that much. Grr! yes, i know that the exposure is good, but shouldn't we work on the basic defence as well since we're so weak? so i have to teach them the 3-2 tmr.

i'm feeling the butterflies in my tummy right now. :/ i really hope our team will at least make it to the semi-finals this year. it's my last year, my final chance to acheive something. i hope i get selected for MSSS this year too and really hope i'll make the team. btw i hope the MSSS selections will be held during the midyear exams too so i won't hafta study so much. :)

narcissistic :P

am going to pyramid with junweng and bryan and we're going to this awesome steamboat buffet restaurant to meet up with our class after that. :) bryan is so cute la haha.
Bryan, since u asked me to blog about u. *winks*
but i don't have any nice pics of u to post in my blog la. :( later you've gotta take some pics with me so that all the ppl who read my blog will be able to see how freakin hawt u are *sizzle*
will update about the steamboat makan with plenty of pics hopefully.
till then,
au revoir ;)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

getcha head in the game

today while all my friends were in school doing their sejarah and maths latih tubi, i was away in the bukit jalil stadium doing what i love most, playing BASKETBALL. :D we gathered in school at 7am and i wore shorts eventhough school rules say girls weren't supposed to. can u give me one good reason why we cant wear shorts? guys gona get turned on by our calves? its not like theyre even SHORT shorts, mine were below my knees. pn eve scolded me but her son was standing there wearing shorts and slippers. =.="

so anyway, we all piled into the bus. it took us like 45mins to reach the stadium. bukit jalil sports school isnt just in one building,there's the building for the school, then there's the indoor basketball stadium,the football stadium(where the opening ceremony was held),the track and field stadium,the archery and riding field and the aquatic stadium.

the football stadium

the school building

where this retard named OWI (what kind of name is that :P) greeted us and told us to go get our milo shirts and get our asses to the football stadium like ASAP cos the opening ceremony was gona start


all we did was camwhore. XD
was anyone listening to the speaker? nope, dont think so. :)

me, schewee, brenda

alex and me

ivan, me, schewee

everyone waiting for the opening ceremony

after the opening ceremony ended, we all went to the stadium.
where more camwhoring was to come :)

jangan menangis demi sebutir pingat di olimpik :D

schewee and me

alex's team playing

alex takes the shot! :D

owi and me

the indoor basketball stadium

the entrance

alex looks so cute here :)

we expected like at least 10teams for the girls category, but in the end found out that there were only 6teams + all the teams from our school XD. for the boys u15 and u18 category there were like 20teams from klang high school,PJST and bukit bintang. my team only played 2games and went to the finals,where we won too and got no.1

that's me in the middle!

sports unite!

bangga >.<

me and schewee

the guys :)

after the whole thing ended at 3pm, it was raining heavily and we all wanted to go home. but when we called the bus he said he was busy and said he would come at 5.30 WTF.
so we waited

and waited

and waited.

we got so freakin bored we started singing the matkool song (yes, the icecream) to entertain ourselves and an icecream guy who happened to be there. XD

so my team got a pair of shoes, a medal(real metal wan LOL), and 2bags for winning.
i think we'll be getting a certificate in school on monday.