Friday, February 27, 2009

Look before you leap. Watch out before you love.

hear no evil, speak no evil, smell no evil?
me and yong keat :)

thean ming

rikhai and caleb

you stretched my hoodie!! >.<

nick says yo

Jenna said it was a good thing i didnt go for the ceramah the other day since it was more like for the guy to promote his tuition centre. He said something along the lines of "if u come for my tuition, its a 100% guarantee you'll get straight A's for SPM. " Hmm...
Today we arranged our chairs and desks for exam next week.
Teacher : ok, kita akan susun macam ini. kalau lelaki, susun meja dan kerusi. kalau perempuan,
berdiri di luar dan tengok lelaki.

It was really cold today, so i wore my leopard print hoodie to school..and nick,theanming n caleb went s.s.-ing with it. =)

XD lmao.. anyway, did i mention, exam is now like only 2days away..and i haven't cracked open a single book. O.O wonder how i'll do. Jasmine cup is being held at court9, and i might be playing for the KDU team. I hope i'll get to play..its been like 2months since my last official competition, and i'm itching to get back in the circuit.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

jenna ss-ing :)

eshen looks so cute here

i'm bored. why? cause all it does is..rain,rain,RAIN everyday. so i couldn't go out to play basketball today. and every other day too. :( so this whole week we had the photoshoot for the skool's yearbook. guess what. my face broke out in zits this week. lucky me,hmm? so anyway,the other day we had a ceramah motivasi SPM, n i didn't feel like going, so i walked all around skool on the pretence of looking for somebody to tell them to go for their photoshoot, n finally ended up in the bilik redaksi eating ferero roche chocolates with rodney n moses. =D then pn evelyn came n chased me out. i stood outside for a while then when i saw her go out i went back in. model student,no? XD then yesterday,me,jenna n eshen went for the AJK rumah sukan photoshoot while evrybody was in the physics lab. note to everyone - i HATE going to the physics lab. wanna know why? cos when i sit on the stools my feet cant touch the ground. =.= well,after the photoshoot we went back to class,n since there was only 20minutes left before reccess, we decided to ponteng physics. SPM preparation much,yeahh? :D anyway, i happened to have brought my camera,so we camwhored in class while waiting for the others to come back.

welcome to my blogg ;)

heyz people. you know what, up till now i used to think that people with blogs are people who are too free with too much time on their hands. well, guess what? i'm now officially one of them. :D