Tuesday, December 8, 2009


so i just finished my last paper today, chemistry. probably screwed up like more than half the paper cos it was all questions i didn't read up on so, yeah. to hell with it though, SPM's finally over and done with!
however, some things hit me full in the face right after i got home. i probably sound so emo saying this, but a whirlwind of emotions are just swirling about inside me now. i'm glad this exam is over, but even more so, i feel..slight pangs of reluctance and regret? to leave the people i've known for the last 5years of my life, who have been so instrumental in shaping me to the person i am today.
i'll miss my class SO MUCH. even though to teachers we might be the worst class ever, to us students its the most rocking class in the history of our schooling years (no im not exaggerating)
there's so much i'll miss and i just want to let all these people know how much they all mean to me :)

i'll miss LBT runs although i know theyre just a pathetic 1.2km

i'll miss my super duper classmates of 2years

i'll miss sleeping in class when we're actually supposed to be paying attention

i'll miss clowning around with them

camwhoring with them

goodbye, high school.
i'll miss you :')

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