Tuesday, December 29, 2009


havent been blogging for a few days now, been crazy busy lately. going out every single day, running around, late night makans and such.
tsk tsk cannot cannot this is terrible for my skin and health.
plan to have a lazy day in bed tomorrow.

so anyway i went to pyramid (i think i should just set up a tent there, im practically living there these days) with some of my church members to jalan. the rides, ooh! :D

darling jamie. she looks like im forcing her to take this pic :S
went on the ferris wheel. first time riding a ferris wheel in my life! i thought it was rm5 for one booth, turned out it was rm5 per person! wtf, burn money man. it wasnt THAT great anyway cos it wasnt that high.

ian taking pictures of us :)

michael fun and his two sweet kids, jamie and jeremy.

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